Mary’s Free Range, Air Chilled, Non-GMO Project Verified Chicken

Mollie Stone’s Meat Departments proudly offer Mary’s Free Range, Air Chilled Chickens. Mary’s is the first in the poultry industry to offer Non-GMO Project Verified chicken.

The chickens are produced by Pitman Farms, a family-owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations. They grow naturally and humanely, with plenty of open space on a ranch in sunny Central California. They are allowed to roam in a stress-free environment that is four times the size of the average commercial ranch, and fed a premium non-GMO vegetarian diet void of chemical stimulators. These conditions result in happier, healthier chickens that are the best you have ever tasted.

Keep reading to learn more about Mary’s Chickens, including how they got their name and about the air chilling process.

Don Pitman began raising free-range turkeys and chickens in 1954. His son, Rick, continued to raise turkeys and named them after his wife, Mary. Their son, David, continues the family tradition of raising chickens. Mary’s chickens and turkeys are named after Mary because she has studied nutrition and read labels for 25 years, looking for pure products in an effort to regain her health. She realized the importance of finding foods that contain only natural ingredients when she became aware of her own body’s adverse reaction to foods containing sugars, preservatives and food additives. Today, Mary’s formula for good nutrition is simple. When she and her family eat food that is grown as nature intended, it makes everyone feel good and keeps them healthy. Mary’s name is on these chickens because they are raised the old fashioned way.

Another reason Mollie Stone’s loves Mary’s chickens is their state-of-the-art “air chill” system. Air chill helps inhibit the spread of bacteria by keeping all of the chickens independent, and saves 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water every day. With no water added and thus no water absorbed, the air chill method keeps in the “real” natural chicken flavor and juices.