Celebrate with Caviar!

Mollie Stone’s offers a wide selection of the best caviars because nothing says “Celebrate!” better than caviar. Caviar is a very delicate food that should be carefully transported, stored and served to preserve the fragile eggs. Chew each bite slowly and use the tip of your tongue to burst the eggs against the roof of your mouth.

Keep reading to get our tips for enjoying your caviar with friends and family.


Caviar should be stored in its unopened tin at 28-32 degrees Fahrenheit. The back of your refrigerator is usually the coldest, or you can store in in a bowl of ice in the refrigerator. Do not freeze it as this will destroy the delicate eggs.

If you do not finish your tin of caviar in one sitting, lay plastic wrap over the surface of the caviar before replacing the lid. This will minimize air contact, but the remainder should still be enjoyed within 2-3 days.


We recommend 0.5 to 1 ounce of caviar per guest. Remove the caviar from your refrigerator 15 minutes prior to serving, placing the tin over a bowl of crushed ice. Do not remove the lid until it’s time to eat it. Caviar is traditionally served with a mother of pearl spoon, though alternative options are glass, bone, wood or shell spoons. A metallic spoon should never be used, as it will react with the eggs and alter the flavor.

Caviar is traditionally presented with the following so that guests may serve themselves:

  • Blinis
  • Lightly toasted, lightly buttered, crustless white bread or brioche, cut into squares or triangles. Crackers are too hard for the delicate texture of caviar
  • Creme fraiche (sour cream can be substituted in a pinch)

If you would like to prepare hors d’oeuvres with caviar, here are a few of our favorites:

  • A blini topped with rolled sliced smoked salmon, a dollop of creme fraiche and topped with caviar
  • A slice of hardboiled egg over a thin slice of cucumber, then topped with creme fraiche and caviar
  • A half small, boiled, red new potato, with a spoonful of creme fraiche and caviar
  • A latke (potato pancake) with creme fraiche and caviar
  • A deviled egg topped with caviar

Not to be left out, the classic beverage pairings with caviar are dry champagne and premium, chilled vodkas.


American Sturgeon (aka Paddlefish)
Ranging in color from light gray to dark gray, these are small size eggs with firm texture and a clean, buttery taste. We offer wild caught from the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, as well as some farmed.

White Sturgeon (aka Royal or Classic)
These medium-sized eggs range from light brown to dark brown in color. They have a firm texture with a clean taste that’s mildly nutty at times. Our selection is farmed in the Sacramento Delta in a second generation aquaculture.

Osetra (aka Golden Imperial)
Farmed in European countries including Italy, France, Germany and Israel, Osetra is known for its clean taste that ranges from buttery to nutty. The light brown to golden colored eggs are medium to large in size with a firm texture.

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