Cheeses of the Week: Irish Cheeses


This wonderful sharp cheddar is aged two years and outstanding on a cheese plate. Serve with a crusty, thick whole grain bread. It will add a ton of flavor to your grilled cheese sandwiches, or use it in your favorite macaroni & cheese recipe.

Kerrygold also makes a Pure Irish Butter, which makes for a totally Irish treat when paired with Mollie’s Irish Soda Bread. Try the Kerrygold Herb & Garlic butter on grilled lamb or steak – just add a pat of butter when your meat comes off the grill, then serve.

Keep reading to learn about Cashel Blue.


Cashel Blue, named after the medieval castle Rock of Cashel, is one of Ireland’s favorite blues. It is an Irish Farmhouse Cheese from County Tipperary, handmade from raw cow’s milk. This blue-veined cheese is an excellent choice for St. Patrick’s Day.

Serve at room temperature to help develop its creamy range of flavors. On a cheese plate, accompany with fresh pears, dried apricots, dates and pecans. It’s also delicious melted over roasted potatoes. Enjoy with Sauterne or aged Tawny Port.