Partnering with Earthbound Farm’s Organic Farmers for a Better Tomorrow

Shopping locally means spending spending less time in the car and going easier on the environment. If you have walked through Mollie Stone’s produce departments, you’ll notice that we fill our shelves by “shopping” locally! By partnering with growers like Earthbound Farm, an organic farm with a 30-year heritage just down the road in San Juan Bautista, we work together to bring farm-fresh, local, organic products to you.
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Even as Earthbound Farm has grown from 2.5 acres to almost 50,000, their organic farmers have always worked with Mother Nature. That means they’re growing the best tasting greens, fruits and vegetables without GMOs, without toxic & persistent chemicals, and without synthetic fertilizers. In fact, Earthbound Farm will keep 16.1 million pounds of synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides out of the environment this year! By farming organically, Earthbound Farm is helping to promote healthier, more lively soil and a cleaner water supply for our precious planet.
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All of Earthbound Farm’s fruits and veggies – fresh, frozen and dried – are certified organic. This 30+ year commitment to a healthy planet goes beyond the field and into their processing practices. Earthbound Farm’s plastic clamshell packages are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET plastic, which means less landfill waste, less energy used, and more sustainable products for you to feel good about purchasing.
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The bottom line: Choosing organic, local produce is good for your body and for the planet!