Klippy’s, The Nostalgic Melt-in-Your-Mouth (Gluten-Free) Cookie

Freshly Baked Klippy’s Cookies

Do you remember that wonderful feeling of eating mom’s freshly baked cookies,
oozing of melted chocolate chips with that just-right chewy texture? This was the one thing Laura Klipp missed the most when she had to cut gluten out of her diet.

“Many readily available gluten-free grocery store cookies are a crunchy style that just isn’t the same,” Laura says. Searching for that comforting nostalgic feeling, she set out to make the perfect soft-baked, gluten-free cookie!

Laura was the perfect person to take on this task. Ever since she was a little girl she helped her mom bake their famous family recipes during the holidays. After college she became a pastry chef in a French restaurant and was later on the opening team of Short Cake LA with renowned chef Nancy Silverton. One of Laura’s favorite memories before becoming gluten-free was waiting with her team at Short Cake LA for the chocolate chip cookies to finish baking, then devouring them right out of the oven. (Just the thought of those warm & melty chocolate chip cookies makes our mouths water!)

After some intense recipe testing, Laura created a ready-to-bake gluten-free cookie dough that comes with all the warmth and sweet aroma of mom’s. Thank the cookie gods! Klippy’s cookies come in pre-portioned cookie dough pucks found in the freezer aisle of any Mollie Stone’s Market. They’re perfect for on-demand cookie satisfaction. They only take 15 minutes to bake; you can bake a few at a time for yourself or bake them all to share!

Ready for the Oven Cookie Dough
Ready for the Oven Cookie Dough