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The Easiest Chia Pudding Recipe Ever

Strawberry Chia Pudding

This might be the easiest chia pudding recipe ever…possibly the easiest recipe ever! It’s tasty and almost effortless to make. It’s great to have as dessert, a snack, and even great to have at your summer picnics, barbecues, or parties.You also have the option of adjusting the ingredients to accommodate people of common dietary restrictions. Everyone can enjoy this vegan and gluten-free treat!
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Easy Vegan & Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie


Thanksgiving is, perhaps, the biggest foodie holiday of the year. From the turkey to the savory sides to the dessert – it’s quite a celebration with tons of food! Those with dietary restrictions often don’t have a lot of options when it comes to food at holiday gatherings, so we’re sharing a super easy, semi-homemade recipe, that is both vegan and gluten-free! Continue reading

Gluten-free Baking Made Easy with Cup4Cup

Our friends at Cup4Cup are helping us make your gluten-free Holiday baking
a piece of cake. First time baking gluten-free? No worries tough cookie, you’ve got this! Did you know you can use Cup4Cup flour to replace all-purpose flour cup for cup (1:1) in most traditional recipes for cookies, cake, biscuits, muffins and more? Cup4Cup makes changing your favorite recipes to gluten free versions as easy as possible.

Tips & Tricks
Because the holidays are really all about the cookies, Cup4Cup’s Chef Allie shared with us her tips for baking the very best gluten-free cookies:

  1. For chewier, tastier cookies, refrigerate your cookie dough before baking for a minimum of 30 minutes and up to overnight. Chilling the dough solidifies the fat which prevents spreading during baking, creating a chewier texture.  It also makes the dough easier to handle and brings out the butterscotch & toffee notes in the cookie dough.

  2. It’s important to bake on cooled and clean baking pans; that means allowing time for the pans to cool in between batches. If you don’t, you may end up with unevenly shaped cookies. Wipe your sheet pans in between batches to remove residual grease or fat from the last batch of cookies. Or to save time by using parchment paper for each batch. Continue reading

Kale Clementine Carrot Juice


Ever bought one of those big bag of clementines and can’t finish the whole thing? A great alternative use for them is juicing. This green juice is the perfect thing to get you going in the morning. The sweetness of the clementines helps cut the bitterness of the kale, and the carrots add even more nutrients! If you don’t have clementines, this recipe tastes just as delicious with oranges. Let’s get juicing! Continue reading

The Inspirational Story behind Wonderfully Raw

Sequoia visits Mollie Stone’s San Mateo

At age sixty, Sequoia Cheney is embarking on a completely unplanned new adventure, that is Wonderfully Raw. One thing led to the other and before she knew it, she’s became proud founder of a raw foods company—“I never imagined myself at this time in my life creating a new company, new products and doing it with the people I love most, my family.”  Here’s here truly inspiring story: Continue reading

Creamy Vegan Vietnamese Avocado Shake


The idea of a sweet dessert smoothie made from avocados may seem a bit strange at first, but it’s delicious – we promise! In fact, most Asian cultures only eat avocados in sweet preparations rather than savoury recipes. The avocado creams perfectly, which gives the shake a texture similar to a reallllyyy smooth frozen yogurt. Continue reading

“Deliciously Made From Leftovers” Salad

The “Deliciously Made from Leftovers” aka Broccoli/Quinoa Salad

Don’t feel like having the same thing twice? Spice up your leftovers with some new flavors and turn it into a salad! We love to get creative with leftovers—it’s more exciting to eat something “different” even if it’s using the same ingredients as last night’s dinner. Continue reading

The Seriously Sweet Gluten-Free Story Behind Bread SRSLY

Sadie Scheffer

Delicious gluten-free bread, is that even possible? Thanks to Bread SRSLY founder Sadie Scheffer, it definitely is. Her story is even “SRSLY” sweet! She moved out to California from Boston and started learning how to bake bread to win over a boy. In 2009, when she learned that her crush went gluten-free, she began testing all sorts of recipes until the bread (and herself) were simply irresistible. Continue reading