This Summer’s Oyster Menu


This summer, it’s oyster heaven at Mollie Stone’s! Picture this: sitting in your backyard, enjoying the warm summer breeze while slurping on some fresh cold oysters. Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? That’s right, you can skip the long drive out to Tomales Bay—enjoy fantastic, just-shucked oysters in the comfort of your own home.

Bring them home, nestle them in a bed of rock salt and garnish them with your favorite toppings—perhaps a little pico de gallo, hot sauce, hog wash—or throw them on the grill. Pair them with a refreshing glass of your favorite wine and you have a perfect summer evening.

Here’s a guide to our oyster menu:

Malpeques, East Coast, Prince Edward Island
Light, clean finish. Perfect balance of sweetness, brine & pickle-like liveliness.

Fanny Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Smooth with a pronounced cucumber finish.

Kumamotos, Humboldt Bay, California
Have been called the “Chardonnay of Oysters” because they’re sweet, fruity, and non-intimidating.

Marin Miyagis, Tomales Bay, California
Plump, meaty oysters that are creamy, briny and buttery.

Blue Point, Long Island Sound and Norwalk, Connecticut
Very mild in flavor with mild to medium level of salinity.

The best news is, we’ll shuck them for you upon request, free of charge.

Our oysters will be available at the following locations: Greenbrae, Grand Central (Pacific Heights) and Burlingame.


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