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This Summer’s Oyster Menu

This summer, it’s oyster heaven at Mollie Stone’s! Picture this: sitting in your backyard, enjoying the warm summer breeze while slurping on some fresh cold oysters. Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? That’s right, you can skip the long drive out to Tomales Bay—enjoy fantastic, just-shucked oysters in the comfort of your own home.


Béarnaise-inspired Grilled Oyster

Planning a BBQ? Or… just having a really intense craving for oysters? It’s easier than you think to enjoy restaurant-quality oysters at home by firing up the grill!

Today we’re going to do a Béarnaise-inspired grilled oyster. If you’re not a fan of oysters, this savoury buttery Béarnaise recipe is worth bookmarking because it is to-die-for on a French baguette or sourdough.

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The Coconut Secret Is Out

For many of us dealing with soy or gluten allergies, delicious Asian cuisine can pose a challenge. Coconut Secret to the rescue! Operating out of Mill Valley, this local company utilizes the naturally sweet “sap” collected from coconut trees in the Philippines to make snack bars, sauces, sweeteners, and frozen desserts. Their new Coconut Aminos Teriyaki and Garlic Sauces add amazing taste to your dishes, as well as beneficial nutrients and amino acids to your diet.

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Two Easy Fish Recipes

There are so many reasons to include fish in your diet, so we asked our chief fishmonger to share two of his favorite fish recipes made with easy cooking preparations. The use of herbs adds a delicate aroma to both dishes, which makes it easy to appreciate the wonderful nuances of fresh fish from your local Mollie Stone’s fishmonger.

Keep reading for the recipes.


121 years later, Vienna Beef Hot Dogs remain an iconic summer snack

Nothing says summer like baseball games and hot dogs with all the fixings. Vienna Beef was founded over 121 years ago and is still going strong today with a family of brands created for those who love that iconic summer snack.

1893: Over 27 million people flock to the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago to witness the latest inventions, including the Vienna Beef hot dog, created by Austrian-Hungarian immigrants Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany.

1895: Emil and Sam open their first store on ..read more


June 20, 2013: Meet Celebrity Chef Sharone Hakman

Join us at Mollie Stone’s Burlingame on Thursday, June 20, 2013, to meet Chef Sharone Hakman of Master Chef fame!

Sharone Hakman as always been the guy behind the grill, and now he’s the man behind the sauce. His goal? To redefine BBQ and elevate it with real body, developed flavor and sophistication.

In 2010, Sharone earned a spot on the FOX Network’s MasterChef – a reality cooking show which sought to find America’s most promising amateur chef – and stole the ..read more

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Amp up your BBQ with Hak’s BBQ Sauce (Recipes for Hak’s Ribs & Backyard Burger)

Master Chef Sharone Hakman‘s line of gourmet BBQ sauces can add excitement to any dish from burgers to Brussels sprouts. They are fantastic for grilled meats, but they also shine as a marinade, with veggies or even in cocktails!

Whether you choose Chipotle Bourbon, Habanero Pineapple or Thai Chile Tamarind, each sauce is handcrafted to perfection with a complexity of layers and counterbalanced flavors. Try one of Hak’s recipes that follow, or substitute Hak’s BBQ Sauce next time you fire up ..read more


What is Hanger Steak?

Once you have tasted a perfectly prepared Hanger Steak, you’ll be hungry for more information about this flavorful cut of beef. You may also know it as a “Bistro Steak” (due to its popularity in France) or a “Butchers’ Cut” (because butchers would often take it home for themselves).

The Hanger is located inside the steer, attached to the last rib and the diaphragm such that it looks like it is “hanging” from the diaphragm. Each Hanger consists of a V-shaped ..read more


Recipe: Grilled Lobster

Many of us have had boiled or steamed lobster, but did you know that it’s just as quick and easy to grill a lobster? Grilled lobster has incredible flavor that’s perfect for a light summer meal. We use just a bit of butter and fresh lemon juice on our lobster, then serve it with boiled or roasted new potatoes and a glass of Chardonnay. (Our favorites right now include Edna Valley Chardonnay, Caves De Lugny Unoaked Chardonnay and Stag’s Leap ..read more