Introducing belicious Whole Food Blends: At the Intersection of a Healthy, Mobile Lifestyle

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your blender?  Do you ever wish you could just grab your favorite concoction out of the fridge and take it with you, without the hassle of making it yourself?  Well, with belicious whole food blends, now you can!

Belicious founder and CEO, Heidi Huntsman, felt exactly that way.  Tired of constantly stocking fresh fruit and veggies, combined with the hassle of having to clean the blender “while it’s fresh”, she decided to do something about it!  For months she searched store shelves for a healthy, prepared, low sugar option, only to find concoctions that were full of sugar, with essentially none of the important macronutrients like protein and fiber that one gets in a home-blended smoothie.  As a stage 3-breast cancer survivor, a scientist, and a mother, she wasn’t about to let her standards for healthy food slide.  So, Heidi decided to create something that she could bring to the market to make it easy for everyone with similar healthy standards and beliefs…and thus, belicious was born!


Belicious blends are the first of their kind, creating a new product category that is a hybrid of an energy bar and a healthy fruit/veggie snack, all rolled into one super nutrient dense and delicious grab-and-go snack.  They are packaged in a shelf-stable pouch to be conveniently one-handed—because we always need to have at least one hand free for everything else we are doing!

Made from whole grains and fresh produce, belicious blends are the perfect option for busy individuals who want a nutritious pick-up on the run. Each 4 oz pouch is 90 calories, and contains 2 full servings of fruits and vegetables, 5 g fiber, 3 g protein, 5 g or less of sugar, and >1,200 mg Omega-3-fatty acids.  All nutrients are from whole foods—no added sugar, no powders, no concentrates, no fillers, nothing artificial.  They are Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, non-GMO, and preserved using only natural lemon juice and minimal heat.


It’s time to try belicious for yourself! NOW available at all Mollie Stones locations, belicious is on promotion at Mollie Stone’s Markets during the month of February for $2.99/per pouch (regularly $3.99) and available in 3 different flavors: ENERGIZE, VITALIZE, and REVIVE.  Come in and grab some!

Want to give it a try? Join us at one of our store locations for belicious samplings and demos:

Friday 2/26 11:00-2:00 Palo Alto
Sat 2/27 11:00-2:00 Tower Market / Twin Peaks
Sat 2/27 10:30-1:30 Burlingame
Sat 2/27 2:30-5:30 San Mateo
Sat 2/27 3:00-6:00 Castro

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