Indulge Local: Raymond’s Sourdough Bread


Raymond’s family business began in 1978, when his parents bought a small delicatessen in San Mateo, California. They named it Nick’s Deli. With the little experience his older brother Nick had from summer delicatessen jobs – and the love and respect their parents taught them; they learned to offer an excellent meal at a very fair price, and to treat their customers as part of our family.

Their family all worked hard to get the business off the ground. They went around to different bakeries and hotels, and learned what they could about breads, pastries, cookies and cakes, and then attempted to make it at their shop. After a lot of trial and error, and very long nights, they achieved a product they were proud of. They had the best sandwich in town, with excellent service. Their authentic San Francisco style sourdough bread is made with the finest ingredients, without preservatives. Soon after, Mollie Stone’s and other markets were requesting Raymond’s breads to be sold in their stores!

Raymond and his family’s hard work and dedication to their customers has come a long way.


“Looking back 30 years ago at the age of 21, I was just beginning the bakery business inside our family delicatessen. At this time I was approached by Mollie Stone’s. Familiar with our sourdough, they were insistent upon having our breads in Mollie Stone’s Sausalito, Grand Central, and Palo Alto Markets. 

Working all night and delivering my fresh sourdough bread filled me with great pride and joy. Remembering all the wonderful folks at Mollie Stone’s, especially meeting Angelo, the Store Manager at Sausalito, it’s been and will continue to be a wonderful journey. I thank the Mollie Stone’s family for all the years of partnership and friendship.”

Sincerely, Raymond Oflesh—Raymond’s Sourdough Bread