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New Local Products Worth a Try

Winner of a gold medal at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, this healthy granola was created by 3 friends and is produced in Sebastopol, CA.  It is wheat free, dairy free, and salt free, all natural and delicious.

Made from her grandmother’s recipe, San Rafael resident Kara Romanik has made some amazing pies.  Available as a whole pie or “pocket size”, they are free of preservatives.  Therefore, the pies are sold frozen and are delicious hot out of the oven.  Flavors of fresh strawberry, apple and pumpkin will be a treat.  I tried the pocket pie and it was tasty and not too sweet as some pies can be. Continue reading

Indulge Local: Columbus Foods

Columbus Meat copy

“Columbus Foods is proud to say that we have been a part of Mollie Stones since the day they opened 30 years ago.  As a local company it is especially meaningful when a company such as theirs that prides itself on “the best of the best” continues to support the Columbus Brand as a part of their product offerings.

Thank you Mollie Stones and continued success for many years to come.”

-Jim Bauman, Business Director

Columbus has been committed to crafting great-tasting salami and deli meats for almost 100 years. They take no short cuts in sourcing premium cuts of pork and beef and using the best ingredients. Ask us about our selection of Columbus craft meats today!

Columbus Table

Indulge Local: Belfiore Cheese Company

Ciliegine (1)

“Belfiore Cheese team and staff would like to extend their warmest congratulations to Mollie Stone’s milestone achievement on their 30th anniversary. As one of the few remaining family owned cheese making operations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Belfiore has been producing locally sourced, fresh, artisan style specialty cheeses. Belfiore opened its doors in 1987 in San Rafael and began making cheese for The Mollie Stone’s Markets shortly after. Decades later, we are continuing to grow our partnership with our friends at Mollie Stones. Together, we look forward to many more years of delivering quality and service to Mollie Stone’s valued customers.”
-Farr Hariri, President, Belfiore Cheese Company Continue reading

Indulge Local: Nicasio Valley Cheese Co.


Nicasio Valley Cheese Co. has been making award winning organic farmstead cheese for 6 years. Mollie Stone’s was the first chain to feature our products. We will always be grateful for the opportunity given us by Mollie Stone’s. We heartily congratulate Mollie Stone’s for their commitment to excellence for 30 years! They are all any business could aspire to be. With a focus on service, quality and local support we are all so fortunate to have Mollie Stone’s Markets in our communities.”
– Lafranchi Family, Nicasio Valley Cheese Co.

At the age of 17, Fredolino Lafranchi immigrated to America from Maggia, Switzerland, with the dream to one day own and operate his own dairy. In 1919, that dream became reality when Fred and his wife Zelma Dolcini Lafranchi established the Lafranchi Dairy in the western Marin town of Nicasio, California. Continue reading

Indulge Local: Roberts Shamrock Brand Corned Meats


Made in San Francisco since 1910, Roberts Corned Meats is the oldest corned beef company in San Francisco! Savor the flavor of a great St. Paddy’s Day tradition: table tender mild cured corned beef brisket. Their corned beef is truly a cut above the rest in taste and in tenderness. The Dixon family’s Great Great Grandfather George Henry Roberts came to San Francisco from New Zealand and brought his corned beef expertise with him. George’s family had owned a corned beef business in New Zealand. It was the LAST thing he wanted to do in this new country when he arrived. But two things happened: first, he needed a job to support his family and second, when he saw the way corned beef was being processed here, he was surprised! When he tried to tell one of the butchers the way it was done in New Zealand, the butchers laughed at him and that is where the adventure begins. Deborah Dixon Ward and her brother now run the company—Roberts Corned Meats has now been in the family for 5 generations!

“Roberts Corned Meats would like to congratulate you on your 30 years in business. We are very proud to be in your stores from day one. The goodwill for the community is an extra added bonus. Good luck Mollie Stone’s!!!”
– Dixon Family, Roberts Corned Meats, Inc. Family owned since 1910

30th-Anniversary-Logo Continue reading

Indulge Local: Raymond’s Sourdough Bread


Raymond’s family business began in 1978, when his parents bought a small delicatessen in San Mateo, California. They named it Nick’s Deli. With the little experience his older brother Nick had from summer delicatessen jobs – and the love and respect their parents taught them; they learned to offer an excellent meal at a very fair price, and to treat their customers as part of our family.

Their family all worked hard to get the business off the ground. They went around to different bakeries and hotels, and learned what they could about breads, pastries, cookies and cakes, and then attempted to make it at their shop. After a lot of trial and error, and very long nights, they achieved a product they were proud of. They had the best sandwich in town, with excellent service. Their authentic San Francisco style sourdough bread is made with the finest ingredients, without preservatives. Soon after, Mollie Stone’s and other markets were requesting Raymond’s breads to be sold in their stores! Continue reading

Indulge Local: Clover Stornetta Farms


Holy Cow! 30 Years Together!

“When I was fortunate to lead a third generation at Clover, the first thing I did was assess our customers. I grew up hearing about my grandfather and father’s relationships with Mike Stone. The affection they had for each other was real. It was forged out of respect for how Mollie Stone’s flourished in the most competitive grocery environment. Breaking it down my grandfather (Clover’s founder) was plain spoken: ‘Mollie’s will always be around because they love their customers.'”
-Marcus Benedetti, Chairman/CEO Clover Stornetta Farms


Clover Stornetta Farms is a three generation, family-owned and operated dairy in northern California. They produce both organic and conventional dairy products that originate from the beautiful fields of California’s north coast. Continue reading

Indulge Local: Marin French Cheese

Petite-Breakfast-NewLogo“From our Marin French Cheese family to yours, we extend our heartiest congratulations for your 30 years of success. We’re honored to be a part of your business and applaud the goodwill you’ve built in the community, all while staying true to your roots!” – Marin French Cheese

For nearly 150 years Marin French Cheese has been operating in Marin County.

Founder Jefferson Thompson started making deliciously fresh artisan cheese using milk from his dairy cows in West Marin and shipped it to the hungry dockworkers in San Francisco. He soon became renown for his European style cheeses—soft-ripened Brie, Camembert and a simple treat called Breakfast Cheese. Today, they continue to craft cheese in small batches using traditional cultures coaxing the distinctly coastal California character and flavor into every cheese.

Working with Marin French to provide you the very best local artisan cheeses has been simply wonderful. We are so lucky to have such an amazing cheese producer local!

Find these 5 Marin French Cheeses in our stores:

1. Marin French Petite Breakfast Cheese
This is a fresh unripened Brie fluffed with a dollop of cream that’s creamy, mild and buttery.
Continue reading