Indulge Local: Roberts Shamrock Brand Corned Meats


Made in San Francisco since 1910, Roberts Corned Meats is the oldest corned beef company in San Francisco! Savor the flavor of a great St. Paddy’s Day tradition: table tender mild cured corned beef brisket. Their corned beef is truly a cut above the rest in taste and in tenderness. The Dixon family’s Great Great Grandfather George Henry Roberts came to San Francisco from New Zealand and brought his corned beef expertise with him. George’s family had owned a corned beef business in New Zealand. It was the LAST thing he wanted to do in this new country when he arrived. But two things happened: first, he needed a job to support his family and second, when he saw the way corned beef was being processed here, he was surprised! When he tried to tell one of the butchers the way it was done in New Zealand, the butchers laughed at him and that is where the adventure begins. Deborah Dixon Ward and her brother now run the company—Roberts Corned Meats has now been in the family for 5 generations!

“Roberts Corned Meats would like to congratulate you on your 30 years in business. We are very proud to be in your stores from day one. The goodwill for the community is an extra added bonus. Good luck Mollie Stone’s!!!”
– Dixon Family, Roberts Corned Meats, Inc. Family owned since 1910