Made for Mollie Stone’s: Kӧlschlaboration

Introducing … Kӧlschlaboration, made for Mollie Stone’s!

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Palo Alto Brewing Company (PABC) to craft a great tasting kӧlsch style ale that people can enjoy with good food and good friends – the perfect anytime beer.

“Mollie Stone’s Markets has always been part of my shopping experience growing up in Palo Alto, CA. As a small local Bay Area company it only made sense to do something with them as they have the same mentality as us at PABC”, Brewer and Founder of the PABC, Kasim Syed describes.

As an owner of several pubs in the Bay Area including the Rose and Crown and The Tap Room and restaurant, Quality Bourbons and Barbecue, Kasim is committed to brewing using traditional techniques but always utilizing innovation within each handcrafted batch.

When asked why a kӧlsch style ale was selected Kasim says, “We wanted a beer that people could enjoy with friends and would keep the good times going with a low abv, but a great flavor.”

Kӧlsch style ales get their unique flavor from an initial warm fermentation process with ale yeast that is followed with a conditioning process similar to a lager.

Our kӧlsch tries to be as close to the real thing as possible, we really let the malt shine and were able to deliver a clean, easy drinking and flavorful beer to our customers.

This versatile beer is sure to be a summer time favorite! Pair with just about everything from the fresh flavors at a beach picnic to the robust grilling tones of a warm afternoon barbecue!

“It’s a great beer to enjoy with friends and currently we can also enjoy the beer while watching our local pro teams kicking butt. Go Warriors and go Sharks!” exclaims Kasim.

We are hoping Kӧlschlaboration will be the first of many collaborations with Kasim and the PABC. “Kasim is a talented Brewer and we are proud of our association with PABC and we look forward to many more unique releases in the future!”, says Mark Thrift, Director of Wine, Spirits and Beer and Kiley Van Zant, Craft Beer Specialist, at Mollie Stone’s Markets.

Celebrate this warmer weather with us as we raise our Kӧlschlaborations and cheers to the refreshing taste of this kӧlsch style ale.

Pick up a six pack of this share worthy beer today at all Mollie Stone’s locations.