Mollie Stone’s Markets 100% Cage-Free

Mollie Stone’s is proud to be a locally owned grocery store since 1986, and with that brings tremendous opportunities to be cutting-edge. Mike Stone CEO of Mollie Stone’s Markets made it a priority to pave the way to being 100% cage-free in our stores starting January 2019.

That means that when you purchase shelled eggs and liquid eggs in all of our stores, they will both be 100% cage-free. We also proudly carry free-range, pastured-raised and organic eggs as well. We’ve created a nifty chart highlighting the differences.

Hens not confined to cages not only means better animal welfare, but they also pass on that benefit to you. Cage-free eggs have been found to have higher vitamin and omega-3 content, and less cholesterol and saturated fat.

We think this is something to be eggcited about!