Hatch is Back!

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It’s become an annual tradition for the past 7 years to hold Hatch Chile Roasts every summer at our stores. By partnering with Melissa’s Produce we have been able to bring authentic New Mexico Hatch Chiles to you year after year. Our store Roasting Events have been a wonderful way for the community to see us roasting these peppers for you in a large propane roaster.

This year is going to look a little different because of the COVID pandemic, but we are working with Melissa’s to make sure you get your Roasted and Fresh Hatch Chiles this season. In replace of store roasts, we are going to offer our customers an opportunity to pre-order boxes of both Roasted Hatch Chiles that we will be roasting for you, and Fresh Hatch Chiles that you can roast yourself! We have step-by-step guides on how to roast your chiles at home, and some great recipes for cooking these delicious and unique peppers. Don’t miss your chance – stockpile them now, freeze them for later use!


Hatch Chiles are only harvested in August and September, and these truly unique, meaty green peppers only grow in the fertile soil of Hatch Valley, New Mexico. The nutrient-rich soil, intense sunlight and cool desert nights of the Hatch Valley give the chiles their one-of-a-kind taste. They are packed with earthy flavor and develop heat levels ranging from mild to extra hot.


For everyone’s safety we won’t be having store roasts this year, but you will still get to pre-order your boxes of Roasted or Fresh Chiles for in-store pay & pickup! We will be roasting the chiles for you right before the Saturday & Sunday pickup date for each store. When you pre-order, choose Roasted or Fresh chiles, how many 10lb or 25lb boxes you would like, and the store you will be picking up your pre-order at. Each store will be designated a Saturday or Sunday pickup date. Once you arrive at the store, check-in at our Hatch Chile tent and pay in-store. See the calendar above for roasting pickup dates for each of our locations. *Pre-orders must be made by 5pm the Wednesday before pickup.

Click here to Pre-order your Hatch Chiles today!

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