New at Mollie Stone’s – Rationale Non-alcoholic Craft Beers

Suns out and there is nothing more refreshing than enjoying a cold brew on a lazy summer afternoon!

Reduce your alcohol intake without sacrificing taste or experience by cracking open one of Rationale’s non-alcoholic small-batch craft beers.

Rationale Brewing started off as a conversation between family & a few friends. Founder, Jamie Fay explains, “It took place with my son heading off to college and talking to him about making rational decisions around alcohol, rational decisions about who he drank with and what he drank. And that’s when my other son said, Dad, that’ll be a great name for a beer company.” 

They then ended up coining the “Official Beer of Moderation”, because they supported drinking beer, but also wanted to provide alcohol-free alternatives. Rationale is about making rational choices around alcohol consumption with high-quality, delicious craft beers.

The founding team consists of Jamie and his two sons as well as a team of industry veterans. By partnering with a local craft brewery in Sonoma, CA that specializes in brewing small batches of non-alcoholic craft beer, they were able to create an incredibly delicious non-alcoholic craft beer that looked and tasted like their favorite local brews!

The Process:

Their de-alcohol process uses state of the art technology alongside a proprietary small batch craft brewing process resulting in irresistible high-quality, delicious nonalcoholic craft beer.


The Brews:

CITRUS HAZY IPA – A crushable Hazy, grapefruit-forward brew with a slight bitter citrus bite from fresh hops to enjoy at a work happy hour or out enjoying the sunshine. 

Food Pairing: This seriously refreshing brew is perfect to enjoy alongside spicy foods.

MEXICAN LAGER – A classic Mexican lager with a crisp and refreshing flavor to quench your thirst. Perfect on a hot day at the beach with friends. 

Food Pairing: For this lager you’ll want to stay with the absolute classics, tacos and pizza.

WEST COAST IPA – A throwback to that OG West Coast IPA that first lit up your palate with bitter hops balanced by notes of citrus & pine…without the booze! 

Food Pairing: Enjoy with your favorite salty snack foods like chips and pretzels!

NEW ENGLAND HAZY IPA – This juicy, smooth, and tropical brew is perfect for a lazy afternoon with its lovely hoppy finish.

Food Pairing: Just like the Citrus Hazy IPA this brew is the perfect match for foods with some heat like a nice warm bowl of spicy chili! 


Jamie says that through Rationale’s lines of brews he “wants to bring a new, fun, energy and vibe into the nonalcoholic category.” 

“We’re going down this path of being disruptive and edgy and that sort of rebellious role of having fun, while just clearly calling out the fact that we’re a nonalcoholic beer, but we’ll drink it anywhere at any time.” says Jamie. 

Rationale aims to be a brand that people feel comfortable holding in their hand, are willing to stock in their fridge, and order at a bar without feeling any judgment against them. 

Mollie Stone’s Markets is excited to offer Rationale’s full assortment of delicious brews their new 6pack/12oz cans! Visit us today and try them out for yourselves.