Celebrating Women in the Food Industry!

Today is International Women’s Day and we are proud to celebrate these industry leaders behind some of our favorite brands. 

From local bakeries to an up-and-coming bubbly drink line, to climate-friendly snacks, our shelves are full of brands with women at the forefront that truly are history in the making! 

Our name-sake Mollie Stone made a difference in people’s lives through her work in the food industry, and we celebrate these brands as they do the same. 

Rosa Li, Founder

Rosa Li is a food fanatic and former investor-turned-food entrepreneur. She’s a believer in “food as medicine” but doesn’t think you need to give up taste for health. Inspired by the healing tonics her grandma brewed for her growing up, wildwonder marries eastern herbal wisdom and gut-healing superfoods with whimsical flavors.

This delicious and bubbly drink offers a healthy alternative to soda and a tasty upgrade to Kombucha without the vinegar. wildwonder is local and on a mission to create everyday wonders — 5% of profits from every drink go towards causes that empower marginalized communities.


Stacie Pierce, Chef/Owner

Stacie started her cooking and baking career back in 1994 with many twists and turns along the way. Most notably, prior to opening Little Bee Baking, Stacie was the Pastry Chef at Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, California, for just shy of nine years.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Stacie studied and worked in Oslo, Norway, before settling down in San Francisco.

Stacie is delighted to be part of the Bernal Heights community and is excited to offer her neighbors and visitors a place to catch up with each other over a coffee and a sweet treat, and now you can find those treats at all Mollie Stone’s Markets!

Julia Collins, Founder

When Moonshot founder, Julia Collins, found out that she was going to become a mom, she had the nagging thought: “how can I create a better world for my tiny human?” The answer to that question was the catalyst for launching Moonshot, the world’s first climate-friendly snack brand!

Moonshot crackers are made with organic, artisan wheat sourced from family-owned farms in the U.S.

With no added sugar or preservatives, these magical crunchy crackers will nourish your body, soul, and the planet! Moonshot is proudly Black founded and woman led.

Melannie Marra, Owner

When Melannie Marra was given the opportunity to purchase Marra Bro’s from her parents she created a now women-owned family legacy.

Melannie is grateful to have had her father teach her all aspects of the business, with first and foremost, customer Service. These values gave Melannie a great appreciation and passion for everything she does. Driven by integrity, authenticity, and passion she will continue to grow Marra Bro’s and refuses to settle for anything less than the best.

Not only does Marra Bro’s carry their own line of snacks and granola on our shelves, but they are also the quality and ingenuity behind our private label Mollie Stone’s bulk food items.

Michele Buster, Co-founder

For some people in the world of food, it isn’t about composing a dish or a cocktail, or overseeing a balanced wine list. For some people it’s just about one thing, one treasure amidst the trove of food and drink products. For Michele Buster, that one thing is cheese.

Buster has imported cheese for more than 20 years, all the while cultivating expertise in specialty foods of the Mediterranean. She has been instrumental in shaping the emergence of European products in the American marketplace.

In an era where regional and local flavors are at the forefront, Buster is the kind of passionate champion every product needs.

Judith Capellino, Owner

A Company of One! Capellino Sauces and Ravioli have been made in San Francisco since 1980, and are made with pure, fresh and local ingredients – made the old fashion way, same way as owner, Judith Capellino, still does in her own kitchen.

Capellino began when Judith started creating her hand-crafted products in her San Francisco kitchen – making, selling, delivering, demoing, accounting, creating recipes using her sauces and creating new products. Many years later, with a manufacturer and distributor, Capellino is still proudly a “A Company of One”.

Loree Mulay Weisman, President/CEO

A well respected, Certified Woman Owned family run brand, Mulay’s was the 1st ever meat company Certified Free From the “Big 9” Allergens (including the Meatballs!).

Using only Antibiotic Free Heritage Pork, sustainably sourced from small family farms in the USA, Mulay’s is Certified Gluten-free, Paleo, & Keto, using no sugar ever, Mulay’s offers the “Better-for-You” solution today’s consumer’s demand.

Theresa Heredia, Winemaker

Theresa Heredia’s style and skills are an ideal fit to build upon the legacy of Gary Farrell Winery, one of the iconic producers of chardonnay and pinot noir in California. For a decade, a capacity to forge strong relationships with growers and a desire to capture the essence of place makes her the perfect steward for the legendary Russian River Valley winery. Theresa found her passion for wine through biochemistry. Named “Winemaker to Watch” in 2012, the same year she joined Gary Farrell, her experience and meticulous winemaking has resulted in annual superlative accolades for Gary Farrell Winery.

Mary Michler, Co-Owner

Gerhard Michler Fine European Desserts was founded in 1989 by Mary and Gerhard Michler with the goal of producing high quality desserts for the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Starting off as a two-person company, we have evolved into a fully staffed European bakery that has earned the reputation for creating high quality, beautifully designed & delicious desserts.

While Gerhard, owns the floor operations, Mary maintains the office, Jolt n’ Bolt (their small retail cafe) and outbounds marketing, communications, and sales. It is a joy for Mary to work with couples who are planning weddings, cafes that are opening up, clients like the mayor’s office for Flag Raising ceremonies at City Hall, and with local small businesses like Mollie Stone’s Markets!