How To Build A Perfect Charcuterie Plate

Prounounced “shahr-kyut-uh-ree,” the French word charcuterie describes cooked, cured and smoked meats such as bacon, ham, sausage, pâté and dry-cured meats. With so many delectable types to choose from, it’s easy to put together a showstopping charcuterie plate as the centerpiece for home entertaining. The key to a “perfect” charcuterie plate is simply variety and balance. Use this as your guide to building a charcuterie plate, and be creative!


Recipe: The Buffalo Flyer Sub

A little savory spice, a little sweet…and totally delicious!

Our August Sub of the Month is the Buffalo Flyer, made with flavorful sliced Buffalo Chicken, savory cheddar cheese, sweet honey mustard and a layer thinly sliced green bell peppers for crunch.

Try the Buffalo Flyer at Mollie Stone’s Deli this month, or read more to get the recipe so you can make it at home anytime!


Recipe: Kickin’ Chicken Sub

We’re turning up the heat this summer with July’s featured sub, the Kickin’ Chicken Sub. Each ingredient has a great spice to it:

Chipotle Chicken Breast, infused with the deep, rich smokiness of chipotle peppers and layered with habanero chili powder. 3 Pepper Colby Jack, which combines jalapeno, chipotle and habanero peppers. Honey Mustard, with a touch of horseradish added to freshly ground mustard seeds and golden honey.

It sounds intense, but not to worry – we cool things down with fresh tomato slices more


All About Black Beldi Olives

Dry-cured black olives of the Beldi variety are harvested late in the season at their fullest ripeness, developing a dense, rich, fruit flavor and dramatically dark color. They are sundried to perfection, and this dry cure creates the delicate, wrinkled, shiny skin with a meaty texture.

One of the best ways to serve Black Beldi olives is as a component to a grain salad. The deep flavors of the olive pair nicely with the subtlety of grains such as couscous or bulgur wheat. Additional more


All About Red Peppadew Peppers

The red peppadew is a sweet piquante pepper cured in a sweet and sour brine. The result is an adventurous combination of sweet, sharp, savory and spicy flavors. Peppadews are available in both mild and hot varieties, both of which have the crisp texture of the familiar hot pepper. However, the flavor profile is entirely different than a hot pepper and the seeds are always removed.

One of the best ways to serve peppadews is as a quick appetizer. Simply leave them whole and more


Recipe: Aloha Sub

This June, take a little trip to the tropics with the Aloha Sub. There is a great sweet & savory balance between sweet teriyaki sauce & grilled pineapple with the zing of 3 Pepper Colby Jack cheese & red onion. Tying it all together is Maple Honey Ham, which is made with 100% pure maple syrup and golden honey baked right in. It’s perfect with a Kona Brewing Longboard Island Lager on a warm evening!

Our deli will be serving this sub more


Porchetta: The Original Pork Roast

Crackling skin. Succulent meat. What’s not to love? These days, chefs and home cooks around the country are rediscovering porchetta. You can find it on menus, food carts and even in the oven of a very thoughtful friend kind enough to share the goodness with you.

The country’s recent and burgeoning love affair with this Italian pork roast is just the latest chapter in the grand history of porchetta.


Recipe: Ovengold Turkey Slaw

This May, our deli is featuring a new salad made with Ovengold Turkey Breast. The slaw gets its crunch from fresh green cabbage and toasted almonds, and is dressed with a sweet, asian vinaigrette made with sesame and rice wine vinegar. The highlight is Ovengold Turkey – a traditional oven roasted, oven browned, heart-healthy turkey breast that is low in fat and rich in protein.

Although this slaw is available for a limited time in our deli, it’s easy to recreate at home more

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A French Picnic Basket for Mother’s Day

Mollie Stone’s is celebrating “Springtime in Paris” by highlighting authentic French cheeses, charcuterie, jams, wines, baked goods and more. With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it would be fun to transport Mom’s taste buds to Paris for a day with a picnic basket filled with French goodies.

Invite Mom to your favorite park on Mother’s Day to enjoy a leisurely afternoon of good conversation while snacking on good food. Keep reading for our list of must-haves for a perfect French more