In Season Now: Sweet Red Corn

Have you seen the red corn in our produce departments yet? Named for its “jewel-like” kernels, it’s called Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn. Restaurant chefs and backyard cooks alike choose it for its tender, sweet flavor and visual appeal. It’s great on the grill or roasted, either on the cob or as kernels shaved into salads, pastas or salads.

What makes it red?

Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn gets its marvelous color from traditionally bred, heirloom style seeds. These seeds have a more


Lemony Couscous Lentil Salad

Guest post and recipe by Amy of!

Perfect for a summer picnic, or even just lunch at work, this easy Lemony Couscous Lentil Salad is bursting with fresh flavors (not to mention fiber and vitamins). Mollie Stone’s new line of infused olive oils is wonderful for salads like this one. This particular variation on lentil salad features the tang of lemon, the bite of fresh arugula and the rich flavors of tarragon and Dijon mustard.

Add this to your 4th of more


Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie

Brightly flavored lemon desserts are perfect for summertime. For a subtle twist on classic lemon desserts, try using meyer lemons. They are slightly sweeter and less acidic than regular lemons because they are a hybrid of lemon and mandarin orange. They originated in China, and it was a man named Frank N. Meyer that first brought them to the US in the early 1900s (which explains the name).

Meyer lemons are typically smaller and more spherical than traditional lemons, with a more


Dipping Sauces For Steamed Artichokes

Once you’ve mastered the art of prepping and steaming artichokes (get our instructions and tips for the perfect steamed artichoke here), you still have some tough decisions ahead: whether to serve them warm or chilled, and which dipping sauce to serve with your artichoke.

We took a survey around the Mollie Stone’s office to find out everyone’s favorite dipping sauces for those tasty artichoke leaves. Here are some great ideas based on what people said:


Melted butter more

How to Steam Artichokes

One of the most unusual vegetables, nearly 100% of all artichokes grown in the United States are grown in California, and nearly two-thirds of those come from the fog-shrouded fields surrounding the small town of Castroville in Monterey County. They are typically available two times a year: early March through May, and late September through October.

They are often steamed and served warm or cold with a dipping sauce (click here for our favorite dipping sauces).

Here are a few of our more


Try Citizen Chef for Easy, Healthy Meals

We’d all love to cook amazing, fresh, healthy dinners every night, but busy schedules often get in the way. Citizen Chef offers a simple solution by providing freshly cut vegetables, delicious gourmet sauces and wholesome grains all in one dinner kit now available in Mollie Stone’s produce department.

Think of Citizen Chef as your “personal sous chef” – everything is measured in perfect quantities and the prewashed veggies are cut to cook evenly and quickly. Simply add your choice of meat, more


Mollie Stone’s Visits Del Rey Avocado Company

Mollie Stone’s Director of Produce Operations, Tom, recently took a trip to the heart of San Diego County’s avocado growing region to visit Del Rey Avocado Company. Del Rey is a family owned business located in Fallbrook, California, that has been growing, packing and shipping avocados since 1969. The company partners with local growers from San Diego County north to San Luis Obispo county to source California avocados and currently packs 25-28% of all organic avocados grown in California.

Del Rey more


Sumo Citrus: “Enormously good to eat!”

A bright orange, extra-large variety, the Sumo citrus is super sweet, juicy, naturally seedless and easy to peel. Each Sumo has a distinctive top-knot and weighs about 10 ounces, making it the largest seedless mandarin available.

Family farmers in California’s Central Valley successfully harvested the United States’ first Sumo trees last year. The Sumo may be in only its second season here, but took 30 years to cultivate in Japan.

Keep reading to learn how it was developed, and how to choose more


Meet the Piñata apple

Mollie Stone’s has a new crop: Piñata apples! The Piñata is crisp and juicy, exemplifying the classic apple flavor that you love with a unique tropical finish. The bicolor Piñata was bred in Germany during the 1970s-80s using heirloom parentage to create its distinctive flavor – it’s a cross between Russia’s Duchess of Oldenburg, England’s Cox’s Orange Pippin and America’s Golden Delicious varieties.

The Piñata first arrived in the US in 2004, and is now grown exclusively in eastern Washington by more


Citriburst Finger Limes Are “Citrus Caviar”

What is a finger lime?

Finger limes are a micro citrus discovered in the Australian bush by the aborigines and domesticated about 30 years ago. The first tree came to California as a donation to UC Riverside, and the trees were released to California nurseries about eight years ago. Mollie Stone’s finger limes come from Shanley Farms, which has nurseries in Morro Bay and Visalia, California.

Available August/September through January, finger limes are not techincally part of the lemon or lime family. more