Llano Seco Rancho, 6 generations of land stewardship

Llano Seco Rancho is a 6th-generation family farm in Chico with a rich history of balancing agriculture, livestock husbandry and conservation. The Rancho is one of the last fully intact Mexican land grant properties, a reminder of a lost era when Californian, American, Mexican and Spanish history intersected. Joining forces with conservation groups, they work to restore native wetlands, grasslands, oak savannas and riparian forests in order to preserve the biodiversity of the Rancho. Lllano Seco produces organic, responsible, natural and human pork and beef products, and heirloom beans and grains.image

Llano Seco Organic Meats

Llano Seco raises its animals “from farrow to fork,” directing every aspect of product supply chain from animal birth through slaughter, butchery, recipe creation, production, marketing and distribution. Llano Seco maintains the highest health standards possible for their animals and fields.

Duroc/Yorkshire hogs are fed GMO-free vegetarian grains, 80% of which are grown on the Rancho, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Pigs are provided with deep straw bedding in open air barns, and have plentiful outdoor access and a great view of the California Buttes! Cattle spend their entire lives on the gently rolling pasture and are fed a highly nutritious blend of locally-grown organic grains developed specifically for the herds by an animal nutritionist. Animals are never fed antibiotics or growth hormones, and are never confined. Mollie Stone’s offers Llano Seco Organic Uncured Hot Dogs, Argentine Style Sausages and Italian Sausage.


Llano Seco Organic Heirloom Beans

With over 150 years of experience cultivating legumes, Lllano Seco has applied their know-how to growing older varieties of beans and ensuring that heirlooms continue to be available for eaters who put a premium on flavor over price. The unleveled row crop fields along the Rancho flood plain curve in the shape of the gentle paleo-era oxbows, created over millennia by the Sacramento River and its sister waterways. Llano Seco’s selection of beans available at Mollie Stone’s include: Black Calypso, Black Turtle, Black-Eyed Peas, Yellow Canary (Canario), Pinquito, Baby Lima and Cannellini beans.

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