Mollie’s Free Range Brine Turkeys

Brining a turkey is a great way to enhance juiciness and flavor. Brining solutions include salt and seasonings, which help the meat absorb water and infuse flavor while breaking down the proteins for a tender texture. The extra water also helps prevent overcooking and dried out meat. However, home cooks are often reluctant to brine their Thanksgiving turkey due to the time it takes (24 – 48 hours) and the space required (imagine refrigerating a container large enough to submerge a 20 lb turkey in about 2 gallons of brine, especially if the refrigerator is already full of other holiday ingredients).

Mollie’s Free Range Brine Turkey eliminates this hassle but results in a truly delicious, moist turkey for your holiday table. Our Brine Turkey is a free-range turkey brined in a flavorful solution of Chardonnay Wine, water, salt, crushed bay leaves and coarse black pepper. It’s coated in an aromatic rub of Kosher salt, sage, oregano, onion, pink peppercorns, chives, garlic and smoked paprika.

We pack it in a vacuum sealed bag so it is easy to transport and store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to roast it. We guarantee it will be one of the most succulent turkeys you’ve ever had!