Mary’s Free-Range Heritage Turkeys

Mary’s Free-Range Heritage Turkeys are based on the first breed of turkeys that existed in the United States. These authentic Heritage turkeys have a richly flavored, succulent and juicy meat with a uniquely firm texture. The excellent flavor of Heritage turkeys is a result of their lifestyle. They can fly and breed naturally, roaming in the fresh air outside with a high protein diet. The combination of their diet and exercise produce a lean and tasty turkey with a larger thigh meat and slightly less breast meat than a typical turkey.

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These uniquely American turkeys – the Narragansett and the Bourbon Red – were placed on the Slow Food USA “Ark of Taste” in 2001 to prevent their imminent disappearance. The Heritage Turkey Project is a joint effort of Slow Food USA and small farmers who agreed to raise these special native birds.

Mary’s Heritage turkeys are chilled with a state of the art “Air Chilled” system. Air chill helps inhibit the likelihood of bacteria growth by keeping all the turkeys independent. Mary’s Air Chilled system conserves over 30,000 gallons of water every day, and the turkey stays fresh longer because no water is added.

We have a limited number of Heritage turkeys available at Mollie Stone’s (please call your local store for availability). Due to their naturally proportioned thigh and breast meat, Heritage turkeys take less time to cook. Get Mary’s cooking tips in this video: