Mollie Stone’s Anniversary Bourbon Whiskey

Now available in a very limited quantity: Evan Williams Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey hand-selected by the Mollie Stone’s team to celebrate our 26th Anniversary!

To select this special Bourbon, our tasting panel tasted six different barrel samples furnished to us by Evan Williams Distillery. After a lot of passionate discussion, we chose on the first ballot, Barrel #4472692 from Warehouse “P” housed on the 7th floor (vintage 2002). The folks at the distillery pulled this exact barrel, bottled it, and hand-labeled each bottle to honor our Anniversary.

The color of this Bourbon is delicate amber gold. The nose is reminiscent of dark caramel, sweet oak and charred wood. The taste is lush and spicy – with honey, apple and orange notes – and the finish is long and relaxing.

Please join us in our Anniversary celebration with a tumbler of this special Bourbon while it lasts!