Frankenbrains (Cream Puffs topped with Citriburst Finger Limes)

With finger limes at the peak of their season, this recipe for “Frankenbrains” is a fun and tasty Halloween treat. Shanley Farms shared this recipe with us and we love how quickly Frankenbrains come together. Your guests will be delighted by the combination of the sweet cream filling combined with the tang and pop of the finger lime pearls.

This recipe can be enjoyed all year long by replacing the green sugar with regular sugar. Or, experiment with other colored sugars for more holidays (pink/red for Valentine’s Day, yellow/purple/green for Mardi Gras, etc.)

Keep reading for the how-to!

(Cream Puffs topped with Finger Limes)
Recipe from Shanley Farms


  • 1 1.4 oz bag of Citriburst Finger Limes (approx 7-9 finger limes)
  • 10-15 cream puffs
  • 1 teaspoon green sugar
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar


Thaw out the cream puffs according to package instructions. Dust the cream puffs with a layer of powdered sugar. Cut 7-9 finger limes in half and squeeze the pulp from both ends onto a plate. Sprinkle the finger lime pulp with green colored sugar and mix in until you achieve your desired shad of green. Using your finger to help guide, gently spoon the colored finger lime pulp onto the top of each cream puff. Remove the cream puffs from work surface and arrange on the spookiest dish you can find.