Behind the Label: Mia’s Kitchen

Mia’s Kitchen is local from Sonoma and, like Mollie Stone’s, is family owned and operated.

Mia is a Sebastiani – one of Sonoma’s most respected and renowned families. Her father and two older brothers, Donny and August, developed a wine company called Don Sebastiani & Sons with fun, everyday labels such as Smoking Loon and Pepperwood Grove. They also developed a sister wine company called The Other Guys, which has laid-back, approachable wines like Hey Mambo and Plungerhead. So, how did Mia’s Kitchen line of gourmet sauces and olive oils come about? Keep reading to find out!

Mia’s Kitchen developed to compliment her brothers’ stylistic wines, packaging together gems that come from the heart of the Sonoma Valley. With its wonderful climate, Sonoma offers an eclectic food basket to the grower and the consumer. It made sense to put together wine and food.

After graduating from Loyola Marymount with a Bachelors in History, Mia traveled the world – from Thailand to South Africa and around the States. It wasn’t until she was back in the States that she realized she had been putting dinner on the table for her family and friend since she could walk. She grew up helping her “Nonni” in the kitchen, learning things like the delicate tricks to a good ravioli stuffing.

At the age of 22, Mia took the wheel of the Mia’s Kitchen brand and started driving, making pit stops at the CIA and restaurants like Sondra Bernstein’s ESTATE. Mia’s Kitchen is making waves in the food market, representing an everyday affordable lifestyle.

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