“Cool” New Product: Coolhaus Ice Cream & Sorbet Cookie Sandwiches

We got something new in our freezer section…the ice cream section to be specific: COOLHAUS COOKIE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!

Each one of these frosty treats consists of handmade ice cream sandwiched between two delectable cookies. The five mouthwatering combinations, from left to right, include:

  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookie with Dirty Mint Ice Cream: Taste the difference of mint ice cream made with real mint leaves.
  • Ginger Molasses Cookie with Mango Sorbet: Spicy, sweet, and 100% vegan!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie with Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: Made with the Tahitian Vanilla Bean, which is considered to be the most flavorful type of vanilla.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie with Browned Buttered Candied Bacon Ice Cream: Mixing the savory with the sweet for a perfect combination.
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie with Baked Apple Ice Cream: Fresh apple for a refreshing, comforting treat.

Keep reading to learn more about Coolhaus.

Inspired by creative flavor combinations, two friends by the names of Natasha and Freya started baking cookies and making ice cream in Los Angeles in 2008. They realized they were on to something, and purchased a used postal truck on Craigslist for conversion to an ice cream truck they could use to sell their cookie ice cream sandwiches. An instant hit, their fleet has expanded to include trucks and carts in LA, Austin and Miami, as well as a storefront in Culver City. The next step was expanding to retailers, and Mollie Stone’s is excited to be among the first to have Coolhaus in our freezers.

We asked Coolhaus what makes their sweet treats unique, and they shared the following philosophy:

“At Coolhaus, we love all types of food and pride ourselves on our creativity and palate. But first and foremost is our dedication to quality and sustainability. Every Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich is all-natural and handmade. Our dairy is sustainably produced and artificial growth hormone-free. With this marriage of creativity and sustainability, we thrive to push the boundaries of sweet and savory by featuring unique ice cream flavors that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Find Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches in our freezer section with the ice cream! Selection varies by store.