California Avocado’s 4 Tips for Cutting Avocado’s Safely

Do you know how to safely cut an avocado? Maybe you’ve found your own method, but we’re here with some tips to help you safely cut avocados at home while getting the maximum nutrition!

4 Tips for Cutting Avocados Safely

1. Leave the avocado on the cutting board Most avocado cutting injuries are a result of cutting avocados while holding them in your hand.

2. Cutting avocados: Rotate the avocado, not the knife Place your washed avocado on the cutting board. It will naturally lay on its side, this method of cutting focuses on the avocado being on its side the whole time. Begin with holding your knife horizontally and cutting into the top of the avocado (stem-side) until you feel the knife reach the seed. Rotate the avocado 360 degrees while holding the knife steady in your other hand.

3. Quarter your avocado Once you’ve gone all the way around the avocado with your knife, before you separate your halves, rotate the avocado a quarter turn so the seam of your first cut is on the cutting board. Hold your knife horizontally and gently cut into the top of the avocado again, and rotate the as you cut another 360 degrees. You can now separate your avocado quarters, and the seed can be removed by gently pulling it out with your fingertips!

4. Peel your avocado

Once you’ve quartered your avocado, you can simply peel the skin off of each quarter by holding an avocado quarter in your hand and peeling the skin back with your thumb. Fun fact: the most dense concentration of nutrients in an avocado is the dark green layer of the fruit right under the skin!

For a complete run through on everything covered above, check out this video courtesy of the California Avocado Commission:

Watch a Video

Stay safe out there while making those party sized portions of Guacamole this 4th of July stay safe with these tips on Avocado cutting safety!

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