It’s Family Meals Month!

Do you strive to eat more meals together, as a family, but then life gets in the way? Currently, adults say they eat about 59% of their meals together1. Parents, specifically, express wanting to do so more. Among parents who say they miss some dinners during the week, 86% say they are taking steps to eat with their child more1.

Eating together is worth the effort. Family mealtime is associated with several health benefits. In fact, regular family meals are linked to the kinds of outcomes that we all want for our children including healthier eating habits. And eating at home can be a win-win for both your pocketbook and your waistline, with research showing that people who eat more home-cooked meals consume about 130 fewer calories per day, on average2.

Mollie Stone’s has committed to being an active part of the Family Meals Month™ movement because the health and well-being of you and your family is important to us. We understand that family meals are important, but that lives are also busy. We understand that responsibilities to balance competing priorities can thwart even the best of intentions. Luckily, we have the expertise, tools, and resources to support you in making more family meals a reality.

Start now with the following steps!

  1. Be committed. Pledge to Raise Your Mitt to Commit™ to sharing one more meal together at home per week.
  2. Be resourceful. Visit to learn more about Family Meals Month.
  3. Be social. Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for family meals focused content, including shopping tips and recipes.
  4. Be engaged. Share your own family meal experiences, misadventures, and solutions within your social channels. Remember to use the hashtag #familymealsmonth to be part of the conversation!

Sharing family meals brings more nutrition & fun to your family! We make it easy with pre-prepped fresh ingredients ready for any family dinner creation, like our Fettuccini with Meatballs in Marinara!

Here’s how to make it!


  • 1lb Fresh or Dry Fettuccini Pasta
  • ½ lb Mollie’s Cocktail Meatballs. (Find them fully cooked in our Deli Department)
  • 1 Jar Mollie’s Marinara Sauce
  • 2 oz. Shredded Parmesan
  • 2 – 3 Leaves of Fresh Parsley – Chopped
  • 1 tsp Mollie O Extra Virgin Olive Oil – For Heating Meatballs
  • A pinch of Salt and Pepper to taste.

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Cook pasta according to package instruction. Heat meatballs in saute pan with 1 teaspoon olive oil and heat meatballs through. Mix drained pasta while still warm with heated marinara sauce and hot meatballs. Add shredded parmesan and spices. Garnish with fresh parsley and serve.

Pair With:

Mollie’s Caesar Salad

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2 Wolfson, J. and Bleich, S. Is cooking at home associated with better diet quality or weight-loss intention? Public Health Nutrition, 2014