Take your Tapas to the next level with Spanish wine and cheese pairings

Since we’ve already talked Tapas, let’s discuss another way to build your own “Passion of Spain” at home – a spread of Spanish cheeses! Complement your cheese board with some Spanish delicacies:

Olives and Marcona Almonds are musts! Spanish charcuterie, like Serrano ham or Spanish chorizo. Something sweet, such as membrillo (quince paste), dried fruit or Mitica Chocohigos. Crackers or bread, like Matiz Andaluz Picos or Torta de Aceite

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Of course, you will also need to pick the perfect wine. Keep reading to more


How To Build A Perfect Cheese Plate

There is something special about sitting around the table with family and friends, conversing over fine wine (or delicious beer) and savoring a fantastic cheese plate. Here are some tips that will help you put together a memorable spread for any occasion, customized to your personal taste.


Austrian Cheese Delicacies: Moosbacher

With Moosbacher (pronounced “MOOSE bocker”), the cheese masters wanted to combine the sweetness of a big-hole cheese with the spiciness of red-smearing culture, which they succeeded in doing by combining the two maturation processes. The Moosbacher has this method to thank for its unique flavor, juicy bite and fine spicy aroma.

The visual impression also underscores the uniqueness of the Moosbacher. It is wrapped in a linen cloth specially manufactured in a small weaving mill, symbolizing both the technical tradition as more

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A French Picnic Basket for Mother’s Day

Mollie Stone’s is celebrating “Springtime in Paris” by highlighting authentic French cheeses, charcuterie, jams, wines, baked goods and more. With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it would be fun to transport Mom’s taste buds to Paris for a day with a picnic basket filled with French goodies.

Invite Mom to your favorite park on Mother’s Day to enjoy a leisurely afternoon of good conversation while snacking on good food. Keep reading for our list of must-haves for a perfect French more

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Blue Cheese Crumbles & Pear Salad

Visually elegant and extraordinarily tasty, this Blue Cheese Crumbles & Pear Salad recipe is a keeper for entertaining company as well as everyday enjoyment!

This sweet & savory salad is made with pears that are cored and sliced, then layered with a perfectly dressed watercress/blue cheese/pecan salad. Litehouse’s Blue Cheese Vinaigrette adds another subtle layer of blue cheese flavor. Or, for an even more intense flavor, try Litehouse’s Original Blue Cheese dressing.

Keep reading for the recipe & assembly directions!


Cheeses of the Week: Irish Cheeses


This wonderful sharp cheddar is aged two years and outstanding on a cheese plate. Serve with a crusty, thick whole grain bread. It will add a ton of flavor to your grilled cheese sandwiches, or use it in your favorite macaroni & cheese recipe.

Kerrygold also makes a Pure Irish Butter, which makes for a totally Irish treat when paired with Mollie’s Irish Soda Bread. Try the Kerrygold Herb & Garlic butter on grilled more

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KIND bars & cheese for a simple yet elegant appetizer

As you savor the last few moments of 2011 and ring in the New Year, impress your guests with an appetizer of KIND bars and cheese.

KIND bars are all-natural fruit and nut bars that make a great snack on their own. For a seriously scrumptious appetizer in a matter of minutes, simply cut each KIND bar into 6 to 8 pieces (bite-size) and top with a piece of your favorite cheese. We love the resulting combination of a sweet nutty more