New To Our Shelves: Top 10 for October

After all of the delicious new things from September, our Natural & Specialty Buyer Tamira decided to do another “Top 10” list of her favorite new things that arrived at Mollie Stone’s this October.

1. Ocean’s Halo Seaweed Chips
The first totally delicious, crispy, crunchy chip made from sustainably harvested and nutrient-rich seaweed. These are made locally by a Bay Area-based natural foods company founded by four Burlingame dads. Mollie Stone’s is among the very first retailers nationwide to carry this exciting product!

2. Coco Polo Stevia Sweetened Chocolates
These all natural and non-GMO chocolate bars are diabetic friendly, sugar-free and have low net carbs. Made from real chocolate that’s properly refined and conched naturally for a smooth and silky texture without the sharp taste normally associated with chocolates with higher cocoa content. Coco Polo delivers substantial health value from the cocoa bean while delivering a well-rounded gentle sweetness that does not leave a lingering Stevia taste.

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3. Teatulia Organic Single Garden Tea
Teatulia is named for the pristine and delicate region in Northern Bangladesh where the tea is grown. Like a fine estate wine, single garden teas ensure an elevated level of purity, accountability and freshness.

4. Suzie’s Quinoa Milk
This non-dairy beverage is perfect in your morning cereal or favorite smoothie. With its clean, smooth flavor you can enjoy it by the glass, too!

5. Chobani Flip
Flip to fix your perfect mix with these new snacks that have flavored yogurt on one side and a complementary crunchy topping on the other. The yogurt is made with milk from cows not treated with rBST and has two times more protein per serving than regular yogurt.

6. Guittard Collection Etienne Baking Bars
Prized by pastry chefs, these baking bars are made from the world’s most select cacao beans, using time-honored vintage French methods and small batch manufacturing processes that were employed by the company’s founder, Etienne. The unique and complex flavor will certainly infuse your desserts with elegance – try this recipe for Guittard’s Chocolate Walnut Cookies.

7. Pacific Resources International Manuka Honey & Lemon Lozenges
These have arrived just in time for cold season. Made with organic ingredients including lemon and Manuka honey, these lozenges offer soothing relief from a sore or irritated throat.

8. Just Pure Foods
USDA Organic plant-based snacks that are highly nutritious and insanely delicious! These raw snacks are low temperature dried to keep all of the enzymes and nutrients intact. No flavor enhancers, additives, or preservatives. Gluten free, vegan and most are soy-free, too.

9. G.H. Cretors Popcorn
Great Grandpa Cretors invented the popcorn machine in 1885, leading five generations to follow in his corn-popping footsteps. “Just the Caramel Corn” is made one batch at a time in old-fashioned copper kettles using 100% natural ingredients like fresh creamery butter. “Just the Cheese Corn” is made by melting real cheddar cheese in special kettles before pouring it on the locally grown non-GMO popcorn. Our favorite is the “Chicago Mix,” an addicting sweet and salty mixture of the caramel and cheese popcorn in the perfect proportion.

10. Nourish Organic Body Care
USDA Certified Organic, healthy, concern-free, eco-friendly skin care products that really work. Scented only with pure essential oils and extracts that are light, fresh and incredibly easy on the nose.