Vegan Lemonade Cupcakes

What’s more perfect on a hot summer day than lemonade? How about lemonade cupcakes? These vegan cupcakes are super moist and delicious, your friends won’t even know they’re vegan. They’re also made with simple ingredients that can be found in any pantry. Make these cupcakes for your next summer birthday party, poolside BBQ, bridal shower…or just because!


Hatch Chiles Give Classic Cornbread a Kick

Hatch Chiles can be added to just about any dish to add great taste with a subtle heat. One of our favorite ways to capture the flavor of Hatch Chiles is in this classic cornbread recipe.

Before embarking on any recipe, first read our how-to guide on roasting and prepping Hatch Chiles.


Attention Chocoholics: Your Sweet Tooth Will Swoon Over Killer Brownies®!

Mollie Stone’s brings the Killer Brownie® experience to the Bay Area

When we heard about Killer Brownie®’s cult following in the Midwest, we called up the Ohio-based bakery behind this luscious treat to try one for ourselves. When the freshly baked Killer Brownies® arrived, it was immediately clear how they earned their legendary reputation. An intoxicating aroma of chocolate, nuts and buttery sweet caramel filled the room and we were officially smitten with just one bite.

Called “Killer” because they are over-the-top more


Customize Brunch to Your Taste with 3 Variations on Brioche French Toast

Every brunch lover is unique, so we talked to our friends at Brioche Pasquier to dream up a few variations on French Toast that you can personalize to make your anyone’s taste buds happy.

Are you elegant and refined? You will love the Orange Zest and Honey Brioche French Toast (#2). Do you love comfort foods? Vanilla Almond (#3) is the way to go. If you have a wild side go with variation #1, cubed French toast skewered with fresh fruit more

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Guittard Chocolate Collection Etienne (and a Chocolate Walnut Cookie recipe)

Guittard Chocolate Company’s Collection Etienne line of chocolates was first introduced in 2000 and was developed for the professional pastry chef and chocolatier. Made from the world’s most select cacao beans, using time-honored vintage French methods and small batch manufacturing processes that were employed by the company’s founder, Etienne, Guittard also works closely with pastry chefs and chocolatiers to come up with a chocolate that accomplishes a specific flavor in their final confection or pastry product.

Noting that home cooks are more


Guittard Chocolate Company, a Bay Area institution since 1868!

Guittard Chocolate Company is a Bay Area based chocolate maker celebrated for crafting world-class chocolate based on traditional French methods. Founded in San Francisco in 1868, Guittard is the oldest continuously owned and operated family chocolate-making business in the United States.

The Growth of a Family Business

In the 1850s, Etienne Guittard embarked on the arduous journey from Tournus, France, to San Francisco in search of gold. An experienced chocolate maker, Etienne had brought French chocolate to trade for mining supplies but more


Kletzenbrot: A Versatile Austrian Treat

Kletzenbrot (pronounced “kliit zenn BRO:T”) is a unique, dense fruit-based bread. Mollie Stone’s Kletzenbrot is baked by the Thurnhofer family in Salzburg, Austria, which has been crafting this specialty for three generations since 1936. Every loaf is made lovingly by hand, one by one, using only the very best ingredients.

Consisting of 80% fruit, Kletzenbrot is made with golden seedless raisins, dried figs and pears, rye and wheat flours, water, rum, spices, natural flavors of lemon and vanilla, salt and yeast. more


Recipe: Stars & Stripes Cake

Looking for a fun dessert for your 4th of July celebration? Our Stars & Stripes Cake is both patriotic and delicious, and kids love to help prepare it.

The base is any 9” x 13” cake, which means that you can use a mix or whip up your favorite family recipe. We’re planning to make a yellow cake this year, but vanilla, chocolate or any other would be equally delicious because the frosting is a simple, slightly-sweetened whipped cream.

Topped with carefully more