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Soup’s On at Mollie Stone’s!

Mollie Stone’s offers 20 different soups, bisques, chilis and chowders to satisfy any palate with a hearty warming meal. We adore these soups for either lunch or dinner, especially with some freshly baked Rustic Bread, cornbread or a roll from our bakery. Sometimes we’ll also pick up a side salad or half sandwich, or top our bowl of steaming soup with some grated cheese and chopped green onion.

Our soup bars proudly serve a variety of soups from the list below every ..read more


Crunch on with Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale!

Are you searching for a guiltless yet satisfying snack with awesome health benefits? You aren’t alone! In fact, that search is what led to the creation of Brad’s Raw Foods and Leafy Kale. In 2007, Brad Gruno embraced the health benefits of eating raw food, but he couldn’t escape his need for that familiar crunch. Experimentation led him to something flavorful, crunchy AND healthy. All of Brad’s products are dehydrated below 115 degrees to preserve vital nutrients and enzymes, and ..read more


Try Citizen Chef for Easy, Healthy Meals

We’d all love to cook amazing, fresh, healthy dinners every night, but busy schedules often get in the way. Citizen Chef offers a simple solution by providing freshly cut vegetables, delicious gourmet sauces and wholesome grains all in one dinner kit now available in Mollie Stone’s produce department.

Think of Citizen Chef as your “personal sous chef” – everything is measured in perfect quantities and the prewashed veggies are cut to cook evenly and quickly. Simply add your choice of meat, ..read more

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KIND bars & cheese for a simple yet elegant appetizer

As you savor the last few moments of 2011 and ring in the New Year, impress your guests with an appetizer of KIND bars and cheese.

KIND bars are all-natural fruit and nut bars that make a great snack on their own. For a seriously scrumptious appetizer in a matter of minutes, simply cut each KIND bar into 6 to 8 pieces (bite-size) and top with a piece of your favorite cheese. We love the resulting combination of a sweet nutty ..read more

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Recipe: Vegan Gravy

Yes, vegan gravy exists (and happens to be gluten-free, too)! This recipe is thickened with chia seeds, and builds savory flavor with nutritional yeast and miso. Try adding your favorite spices to complement your meal.

Watch the video below to pick up cooking tips and keep reading for the recipe.

Gluten Free, Specialties

Recipe: Against The Grain Gourmet Gluten-Free Dressing

Savor traditional flavors sans gluten! If you’re planning a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal this year, try this recipe for Gluten-Free Dressing from Against the Grain Gourmet.

The recipe is based on the amount of stuffing required for a 12-14 lb turkey and can be easily doubled or tripled for larger birds. Alternatively, bake the dressing separately in a greased pan.