Meet Neat, the Healthy Replacement for Meat

A juicy burger with all the fixings or a bowl of spicy baked beans…no one should have to give up these delightful foods, even if you’re following a meatless diet. Well now it’s possible for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy almost any ground beef recipe! Neat is a meat replacement made without soy, gluten, or a long list of chemicals. Their original mix has only eight ingredients: pecans, garbanzo beans, gluten free whole grain oats, organic gluten free whole grain cornmeal, garlic, onion, sea salt, and spices. All you need are water, eggs, and a skillet!

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Learn some creative ways to enjoy Neat below.

First, a few Neat facts:

  • Co-founder Laura Lapp first began to experiment in the kitchen when her husband Phil needed to lower his cholesterol and their daughters became vegetarian. After many attempts in the kitchen, she struck gold with the perfect recipe.
  • How did they get their name? When daughter Morgan first tasted it, she said “This isn’t meat Mom, it’s neat!” And thus, Neat was born!
  • Neat can be vegan when made with an egg substitute (the company recommends chia powder and water).
  • After a year of replacing meat with Neat, Phil’s cholesterol went down 100 points without medication and he lost 30 pounds!

And now for the good stuff, some favorite Neat recipes:
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