New To Our Shelves: Top 10 for November

With the holidays quickly approaching, we are excited to offer some new foods that make eating well a little easier even when life gets hectic!

We’ve brought in a bunch of new items from one of our favorite companies, Amy’s Kitchen, which happens to be another local and family-owned business like Mollie Stone’s. Did you know Amy’s Kitchen is made in Sonoma County? Here are some of our favorite additions…

1. Amy’s Kitchen Pad Thai
This delectable entree is a gluten free and vegan take on the traditional sweet and sour Thai noodle dish. It’s made with broad rice noodles, tofu, julienned carrots, green onions, broccoli and baked cashews (instead of the more commonly used peanuts) in the sauce. Pad Thai is one of Amy’s mom’s favorite dishes!

2. Amy’s Kitchen Mushroom Bisque with Porcini
This warming soup is made with all organic ingredients, including mushrooms, fresh veggies and dairy. The procini mushrooms add a great boost of savory flavor. Heat it up and serve as soup, or try it as the base for a risotto or holiday casserole.

3. Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Meatballs
Dress up your favorite pasta dish with these meatless meatballs made from high-protein grains, lentils and authentic Italian spices. Use a few for a quick lunch over pasta, use the whole package for a family meal, or serve as hors d’oeuvres for your holiday parties.

4. Amy’s Kitchen Bean & Cheese Snacks
Snack size “mini burritos” based on the recipe of Amy’s famous bean & cheese burritos. The filling is made from organic pinto beans, brown rice and cheddar cheese, and the exterior bakes up crispy. They are perfect for after school snacking or party finger food. Just make some guacamole, open a jar of salsa and you’re ready for a fiesta.

Keep reading for the rest of our November picks!

Sometimes you need a little boost of caffeine for holiday shopping and preparations…

5. House Cold Brew Coffee
Fresh, locally roasted and brewed, ready to drink coffee. Drink it straight, on ice, or candy it up with cream and sugar. House uses a bold chocolate tobacco dark roast that offers a smooth butterscotch finish. Cold brewing is a special process that brings out the aromatic and nuanced flavors of coffee without any heat application. It requires many hours of steeping and generous helpings of coffee beans. The result is a lush, low-acid, refreshing drink with a bold caffeine kick.

Quick lunches become more frequent but they don’t have to be less delicious…

6. Daiya Non-Dairy Slices
Flat in style, but full of flavor! These lactose free slices will add a “slice of life” to your hot or cold sandwiches because they melt, stretch and taste like real cheese. Great for vegan grilled cheeses, panini, sub sandwiches or eaten alone as a snack.

7. Lotus Foods Heirloom Rice Bowls
Ready in just 60-90 seconds, these heat-and-eat bowls make eating organic, whole grain heirloom rice a quick and simple pleasure. These bowls are an easy, instant start to a complete meal when paired with fresh vegetables and protein, and a great short cut to delicious soups, salads and stir fries. Try throwing in some sliced avocado and beans! Gluten free, wheat free, no added sodium, non-GMO and vegan.

And because that sweet tooth can strike at any time, we found some unique new baking mixes…

8, 9, 10. Madhava Organic Brownie Mix, Cake Mixes & Pancake Mix
Enjoy the goodness of ancient whole grains like Kamut, Spelt and Farro plus natural sweeteners with the modern convenience of a mix. These organic baked goods are moist and flavorful every time! No processed sugars, chemicals, preservatives or GMOs.