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Holiday Hot Mulled Apple Cider

The holiday season has officially arrived! Decorations are going up and holiday meals are being planned.

At your next festive gathering get everyone into the holiday spirit by filling the air with the aroma of hot mulled apple cider. It’s as delicious as it is cozy. 

Below is our special recipe using our new Mollie Stone’s Organic Gravenstein Apple Juice, along with some seasonal favorites from our Produce Department, and classic warm spices, to make your very own hot more

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Make Every Cocktail Count!

Delicious, without the guilt… 21 SEEDS is the perfect way to celebrate National Tequila Day.

Founded in San Francisco by two sisters and 1 best friend, they had a simple idea, to create something they (and all of their friends) want to drink.  A bright, all-natural, craft-infused Blanco tequila that is ideal for delicious cocktails (even better they are all under 150 calories!).

21 SEEDS partners with a celebrated female owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico to infuse their ultra-smooth more


Seedlip: what to drink when you’re not drinking®

New at Mollie Stones!

Seedlips’ story begins in the 17th Century. Founder Ben Branson’s family began farming using baskets called Seedlips in North Lincolnshire & Apothecaries were distilling non-alcoholic herbal remedies.

Fast forward over 300 years & in his cottage in the woods, Ben discovered an ancient book: The Art of Distillation, published in England in 1651. Out of curiosity he buys a small copper still & with herbs from his garden tries to capture nature’s true character, & more