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Introducing Fishpeople seafood entrees

We’re excited to welcome the newest member of our grocery family – Fishpeople!

Based in Portland, Oregon, Fishpeople creates delicious seafood entrees with a commitment to supporting sustainable, wild fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. Fishpeople’s ready-to-eat, wild caught seafood meals in shelf stable poaching pouches are revolutionary because they make it possible to have a delicious seafood meal anywhere, any time – a camping trip, a lunch on the go, or a last-minute dinner for the kids.

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Strawberry Chocolate S’mores for a Summer Dessert on the BBQ

The classic combination of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker doesn’t necessarily need an update, but we have to say this version of s’mores is definitely worthy of your next BBQ.

This dessert is easy to assemble in advance, and fun for guests (especially kids) to make. One thing that we particularly enjoyed was finding out how each person assembles their Strawberry S’more. Some people just went for it and stacked everything up; others ate each component separately.

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Recipes for Father’s Day Breakfast: Maple Bacon, Easy Ham & Cheese Omelet

If your kids like to cook, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion for them to help out in the kitchen. We recipe tested with adorable Heidi’s assistance to make sure these instructions for oven baked Maple Bacon and an Easy Ham & Cheese Omelet are kid-proof and delicious. Be sure to help out with any chopping as well as the hot oven and stovetop.

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Try Citizen Chef for Easy, Healthy Meals

We’d all love to cook amazing, fresh, healthy dinners every night, but busy schedules often get in the way. Citizen Chef offers a simple solution by providing freshly cut vegetables, delicious gourmet sauces and wholesome grains all in one dinner kit now available in Mollie Stone’s produce department.

Think of Citizen Chef as your “personal sous chef” – everything is measured in perfect quantities and the prewashed veggies are cut to cook evenly and quickly. Simply add your choice of meat, ..read more

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Back To School Tips For Busy Families

At Mollie Stone’s we understand that the start of the school year affects the entire family, whether it’s getting quick and healthy breakfasts, keeping up energy during the afternoon in after-school activities, or just getting dinner on the table for the whole family. Our goal is to help find ways to make all of the fall family challenges more convenient and healthy.

Starting the Day Right with a Nutritious Breakfast

Good breakfasts are important to start the day, especially for our kids ..read more