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Partnering with Earthbound Farm’s Organic Farmers for a Better Tomorrow

Shopping locally means spending spending less time in the car and going easier on the environment. If you have walked through Mollie Stone’s produce departments, you’ll notice that we fill our shelves by “shopping” locally! By partnering with growers like Earthbound Farm, an organic farm with a 30-year heritage just down the road in San Juan Bautista, we work together to bring farm-fresh, local, organic products to you. nike lebron 12


Lime Chili Wings, starring Sosu Srirachup

Indulge Local with Sosu Srirachup, an addictingly bold, sweet and spicy sauce made in Oakland.

Sosu founder and chief sauce maker, Lisa, was inspired to create a more flavorful, more interesting ketchup during her culinary travels through Southeast Asia. Through much experimentation, she developed the perfect small-batch recipe using fresh, organic Early Girl tomatoes, fiery housemade sriracha, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, sea salt and garlic. A long, slow simmer gives the sauce its rich, luxurious taste and texture without the use of ..read more


Citrus: Versatile, colorful, nutritious and delicious

The more familiar and common citrus (lemons, limes, navel oranges, grapefruit, tangerines) are seen in our produce departments year-round. They are harvested around the world, reaching maturity in the cooler winter months of each hemisphere. Chilly nights help mature citrus and boost sugar content. Now that temperatures are dropping in California, we can expect some delicious local citrus!

The flavors, shapes, colors and uses of citrus are as diverse as the seasonality. Citrus can be eaten out of hand, juiced, sectioned ..read more


The Buzz on HiveMind Bee Pollen

Although bees are feared for their painful sting, they work hard to produce one of nature’s healthiest foods. Bees extract nectar and microscopic reproductive grains of flowers that combine with their digestive enzymes to create pollen. It takes one bee a whole working month to create one teaspoon of pollen! The nutritional profile of bee pollen is simply astounding: protein, all 22 amino acids, calcium, zinc, iron, folic acid, enzymes and vitamins.

Continue reading for five reasons to include bee pollen part ..read more


Dungeness Crab and Chardonnay: A marriage of food and wine

There are just some things in nature that are made for each other. One of those “perfect pairings” is Fresh Dungeness Crab and well made California Chardonnay. As the first boatloads of fresh, sweet crab meat arrive at our stores, we are ready to pair it with two of our favorite Chardonnays: Edna Valley Vineyard Chardonnay and Hahn SLH Chardonnay.

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The Coconut Secret Is Out

For many of us dealing with soy or gluten allergies, delicious Asian cuisine can pose a challenge. Coconut Secret to the rescue! Operating out of Mill Valley, this local company utilizes the naturally sweet “sap” collected from coconut trees in the Philippines to make snack bars, sauces, sweeteners, and frozen desserts. Their new Coconut Aminos Teriyaki and Garlic Sauces add amazing taste to your dishes, as well as beneficial nutrients and amino acids to your diet.

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Mi Rancho: From the Berber Family to Yours

Family, friends and good food have always been the recipe for Mi Rancho‘s success. When the store opened its doors in Oakland in 1939, it was the first Mexican grocery store in the area. Offering authentic Mexican delicacies and baked goods, families also flocked to Mi Rancho for the fresh handmade tortillas produced in the back. The Berber family purchased the store in 1954, and over three generations have worked to expand their brand of quality artisan tortillas not only ..read more