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Mi Rancho: From the Berber Family to Yours

Family, friends and good food have always been the recipe for Mi Rancho‘s success. When the store opened its doors in Oakland in 1939, it was the first Mexican grocery store in the area. Offering authentic Mexican delicacies and baked goods, families also flocked to Mi Rancho for the fresh handmade tortillas produced in the back. The Berber family purchased the store in 1954, and over three generations have worked to expand their brand of quality artisan tortillas not only ..read more

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Mollie’s New Items: Top 10 for September 2014

From coconut oil to vegan cheddar snacks, our top 10 items for September are here to make your back to school transition easier and healthier. Sip on grab-and-go beverages to energize your day, or pack school lunches with naturally sweetened granola. We guarantee there’s something for everyone in our Top 10 September lineup.

1. Frog Hollow Farm Organic Conserves: Frog Hollow Farm is a 143 acre organic farm located in Brentwood and home to hundreds of trees that produce fruit for their ..read more

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New To Our Shelves: Top 10 for August 2014

This August, we’re showcasing products that nourish you on the inside and out. We’re bringing you clean lotions, healing tonics, nutritious kale in different ways, and even no-guilt cookies! Check out these new items hitting the shelves at your local store.

1. Jason Gluten Free Personal Care: Jason has introduced the first comprehensive personal care line to be certified gluten free. From shampoo and conditioners to facial scrubs, these products will make you look and feel good.

2. SuperEats Kale + Chia Chips: Super ..read more


A recipe to kick off heirloom tomato season

Cherokee Purple, Black Prince and other black/purple/brown heirloom tomato varieties are always the first to ripen, and are the most abundant early in the season.


Dice 1 large or 2 smaller Cherokee Purple (or other brown or purple tomatoes), removing the core. Toss in a bowl with 1/2 teaspoon salt and let sit for 10 minutes, then drizzle with 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Cut 1 large clove of garlic into slices. ..read more


Summer Spotlight: Heirloom Tomatoes from Terra Firma Farm

Heirloom tomatoes have been handed down from farmer to garden over generations. They come in all different shapes and sizes: small to large, round to knobby, to fluted. They are also in all colors of the rainbow: not just red but pink, green, brown, yellow, orange, purple, white and various combinations. There are green and yellow striped heirloom tomatoes, red and orange striped, and even purple and green striped.

Different tomato colors generally indicate different flavors. Black and purple tomatoes tend ..read more


New To Our Shelves: Top 10 for July 2014

Our top picks for July feature healthy snacks, products to boost your energy for summer activities, delicious condiments, and great meat alternatives that will turn up the taste on any vegetarian meal.

1. Seasnax Chompers or Stix Seasnax are the perfect bite-size snacks. Chomperz are delicious seaweed curls wrapped in rice and seasoned just right. Stix are a light, crispy treat that you can enjoy anytime to satisfy that sudden craving or snack attack. Take both on your next trip, hike, or ..read more


“A Kiwi a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”

Zespri Organic Green Kiwifruit are harvested in New Zealand in the Bay of Plenty, where the rich volcanic soil, high sunshine hours and regular natural rainfall provide a highly fertile environment. It takes over three years to prepare the soil and orchards to grow Zespri Organic Kiwifruit, and strict principles of organic production support healthy vines and healthy fruit.

Kiwifruit is a great-tasting superfood with a low glycemic index. The powerful combination of Vitamin C, actinidin, potassium and folate gives Zespri ..read more


Big Flavor Comes In Small Packages

Microgreens are a younger, tiny form of edible greens produced from various kinds of vegetables and herbs. They range in size from 1” to 1.5” including the stem and leaves. These little greens have a unique flavor profile that is more intense than their mature plant counterparts.

In addition, microgreens are proven to pack more nutrients than their adult counterparts*:

Because microgreens are harvested right after germination, they have all the nutrients they need to grow the mature plant. Microgreens like red cabbage, ..read more
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New To Our Shelves: Top 10 for June 2014

Trends for June include pea protein, alternative grains, vegetables everywhere you look, and modern ingredient twists on classic favorites.

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1. Xumma Semi Sweet Cola Say “zuh-mah.” Xumma is a semi sweet cola, meaning it is much less sweet than what you’re used to. It has about half the sugar of the big cola brands, and no artificial sweeteners or ingredients. It starts with sparkling water, with just enough pure, natural cane sugar to complement the cola.

2. Luvo Flaxseed Crust ..read more