New To Our Shelves: Top 10 for June 2014

Trends for June include pea protein, alternative grains, vegetables everywhere you look, and modern ingredient twists on classic favorites.

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1. Xumma Semi Sweet Cola
Say “zuh-mah.” Xumma is a semi sweet cola, meaning it is much less sweet than what you’re used to. It has about half the sugar of the big cola brands, and no artificial sweeteners or ingredients. It starts with sparkling water, with just enough pure, natural cane sugar to complement the cola.

2. Luvo Flaxseed Crust Flatbreads
Crispy, chewy, delicious, hand-stretched, wood-fired crusts made with all non-GMO ingredients. Each one is topped with fresh cheese and vegetables, and has only 190-210 calories. 

3. Veggie Fries
All natural Veggie Fries contain 25% of non-potato vegetables and beans for a substantial amount of extra vegetable nutrition in each serving. Every ingredient is all-natural, non-GMO and contains no gluten or wheat.

4. BOTAN Protein Drink
BOTAN Protein Drink contains a unique, proprietary formulation of 100% soluble plant protein that comes from the humble pea. Peas contain 23% protein, are easily digested, have a balance of all essential amino acids, and are a sustainable, fast-growing crop. BOTAM delivers 12 grams of soluble vegetable protein and vitamin goodness with just 110 slim calories in every bottle.

5. Culinary Ancient Harvest Blends
These Culinary Ancient Grain blends up the “yum” factor with perfected side dish recipes for gluten-free dinnertime delight. They start with organic quinoa, amaranth and millet, then use only the finest spices to create inspired tastes.

6. Applegate Gluten Free Breakfast Patties
Pre-cooked and ready for breakfast! Just heat up and dig into these crazy-good certified gluten free Breakfast Sausage Patties made from premium cuts of meat. These satisfying breakfast sausages have a lovely rich flavor, yet less fat than typical pork patties.

7. Almond DREAM Gelato
DREAM Gelatos are the first and only almond-based, non-dairy gelato. DREAM Gelatos are “better for you” non-dairy delights that are great for lactose intolerant or healthy-minded consumers who want a delicious dessert without the guilt normally associated with such an indulgence. DREAM Gelatos are creamy, delectable delights that have more intense flavor due to less fat than regular ice cream.

8. Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips
Jackson’s Honest uses coconut oil to fry their potato chips for a few reasons. 1) It is one of the most unique oils on earth because it is 93% saturated and contains nearly 50% lauric fatty acids, making it the most saturated oil in the world and the highest percentage of lauric acid of any oil. 2) Frying in coconut oil makes potato chips taste rich, aromatic and deeply satisfying, unlike any other chip you have ever tried.

9. KIND Strong Bars
Made from 100% whole ingredients including almonds, pumpkin & hemp seeds, pea crisps and spices to deliver 10 grams of protein in every bar. 22% of each bar is protein and because it’s from a combination of legumes, nuts and seeds it contains all 9 essential amino acids. Pea protein is an easily-digestible, non-GMO source of plant-based protein.

10. Three Twins Organic Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Three Twins Ice Cream is certified organic by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and made with milk from farms in Northern California, as well as other delicious organic ingredients. The end result is ice cream that is truly, inconceivably delicious.