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12 ways to use Mike & Dave’s Wing Sauce

Everyone loves a good plate of buffalo wings, but does that flavor translate to other recipes? YES! We’ve come up with 12 quick & easy ways to enjoy Mike & Dave’s Wing Sauce (a delicious all-natural sauce named after our co-founders). From appetizers to main courses to vegetarian options, we think they’re all delicious!

1. MIKE & DAVE’S SPICY POTATOES – Try this new recipe from our deli. Cut 2.5 lbs russet potatoes into wedges, then toss with 1/2 bottle Mike ..read more


Recipe: Kale, Pine Nut & Golden Raisin Salad

Our deli’s Kale, Pine Nut & Golden Raisin Salad is a long-time staff favorite at Mollie Stone’s, so we were very excited when our chefs shared the recipe.

The dressing has only two ingredients – simply olive oil and lemon juice. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect way to bring together flavors of hearty veggies, sweet golden raisins and toasted pine nuts. Since the kale is raw, it’s more resistant to wilting. This means you can make enough for a few lunches during ..read more


Meet the Piñata apple

Mollie Stone’s has a new crop: Piñata apples! The Piñata is crisp and juicy, exemplifying the classic apple flavor that you love with a unique tropical finish. The bicolor Piñata was bred in Germany during the 1970s-80s using heirloom parentage to create its distinctive flavor – it’s a cross between Russia’s Duchess of Oldenburg, England’s Cox’s Orange Pippin and America’s Golden Delicious varieties.

The Piñata first arrived in the US in 2004, and is now grown exclusively in eastern Washington by ..read more


The perfect poached egg

Did you know one egg offers 13 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as 6 grams of high-quality protein? That’s 12% of your Recommended Daily Value! Research has shown that eating eggs at the start of your day may reduce overall calorie intake and boost energy throughout the day.

Poaching is one of our favorite ways to enjoy these nutritional powerhouses. Poached eggs are great because they are cooked without added fat and the runny yolk makes a great sauce. Enjoy poached ..read more

Cheese, Gluten Free

KIND bars & cheese for a simple yet elegant appetizer

As you savor the last few moments of 2011 and ring in the New Year, impress your guests with an appetizer of KIND bars and cheese.

KIND bars are all-natural fruit and nut bars that make a great snack on their own. For a seriously scrumptious appetizer in a matter of minutes, simply cut each KIND bar into 6 to 8 pieces (bite-size) and top with a piece of your favorite cheese. We love the resulting combination of a sweet nutty ..read more

Gluten Free, Specialties

Recipe: Vegan Gravy

Yes, vegan gravy exists (and happens to be gluten-free, too)! This recipe is thickened with chia seeds, and builds savory flavor with nutritional yeast and miso. Try adding your favorite spices to complement your meal.

Watch the video below to pick up cooking tips and keep reading for the recipe.

Gluten Free, Specialties

Recipe: Against The Grain Gourmet Gluten-Free Dressing

Savor traditional flavors sans gluten! If you’re planning a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal this year, try this recipe for Gluten-Free Dressing from Against the Grain Gourmet.

The recipe is based on the amount of stuffing required for a 12-14 lb turkey and can be easily doubled or tripled for larger birds. Alternatively, bake the dressing separately in a greased pan.


Turducken 101

Turduckens are a great alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions to help you decide whether a Turducken is right for your holiday meal.

What is a Turducken?

Mollie Stone’s whole Turduckens consist of a semi-boneless turkey (wing and drumstick bones only) stuffed with a boneless duck, boneless chicken, cornbread dressing and Cajun-style pork sausage. (Expect a medium spice level that’s mild enough for all palates.) Whole Turduckens average 14 lbs and will feed 20-25 ..read more


Recipe: Buttermilk Thyme Roasted Root Vegetables

Mollie Stone’s deli recently introduced Buttermilk Thyme Roasted Root Vegetables and it has quickly become one of our most popular dishes. It is perfect alongside a fall meal and a great candidate for a Thanksgiving side dish.

One thing we love about this recipe is its flexibility. Double it to feed a crowd. Don’t like, say, parsnips? Simply omit them and increase the amount of sweet potatoes if those are your favorite. We also leave the vegetables unpeeled, which adds a ..read more