New To Our Shelves: Top 10 for March 2014

We are starting to see some of our great finds from the 2014 Winter Fancy Food Show arriving at the store! This month we have lots of new non-GMO products and nutrition-packed foods.

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1. 2 Degrees Bars
2 Degrees bars are healthy, natural, vegan and gluten free. They are consciously crafted with real fruit, nuts, seeds and heritage grains like chia, quinoa and millet. 2 Degrees makes it simple to do good. For every bar sold, 2 Degrees gives a meal to a hungry child.

2. Julian’s Paleo Wraps
These 100% Paleo coconut wraps are a convenient, portable tortilla alternative for your Paleo lifestyle. Whether you desire burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches, sushi, crepes or just a simple snack, Julian’s Paleo Wraps are ideal for stuffing whatever you see fit into them. You are only limited by your creativity. They don’t tear or fall apart, and the texture is amazing.

3. Ozuke Organic Beets, Dulse & Kale Kraut
Maybe it’s the deep purple color or the oceanic tang of the seaweed, but this unconventional kraut mix has a pleasing quality full of mineral goodness. Wonderful atop a green salad, on a tuna sandwich or for a quick snack.

4. Hope Lentil Dips
Who knew lentils were so versatile? Hope Foods makes a delicious dip that also can be used as a spread. Smear on crusty bread, roll up in a tortilla with veggies, or top on cucumber slices. Hope Lentil Dips are non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, kosher and gluten free.

5. Cabo Chips
Made from stone ground, 100% non-GMO corn tortillas that are hand cooked in small batches of non-GMO expeller-pressed oils. The tortillas are then splashed with the perfect balance of preservative-free soy sauce and real lime juice, which results in an intriguingly flavorful chip that’s lower in fat and sodium than other chip brands.

6. Ancient Harvest Organic Mac & Cheese with Llama Shaped Noodles
Rich, cheesy flavor and playfully shaped pasta are what earn this mac & cheese kid-approved status. And it’s also gluten free, organic and non-GMO. But don’t worry, we’re fully supportive of adults enjoying it too.

7. Fig Food Co. Organic Beans and Soups
100% plant-based recipes made with fresh, organic ingredients so flavorful they only use a touch of salt. Both the beans and soups are ready-to-eat in microwaveable eco-friendly pouches.

8. Amy’s Veggie Sausage
Cholesterol-free and made from heart-healthy grains and vegetables seasoned to perfection. Amy’s meatless Veggie Sausages are amazingly light, yet satisfying for those mornings when you are craving something extra tasty.

9. Nurtureme Organic Dried Baby Food
Quick drying fruits and veggies helps to maintain their nutritional value, and after baby passes the puree stage the powders can be mixed into kids’ meals for a nutrient boost. Nurturme foods are organic and non-GMO certified.

10.   Preserve Food Storage Containers
Made with 100% recycled #5 plastic and 100% recyclable, Preserve Food Containers have been tested for microwave durability by an independent third party and will not break, crack or overheat when used for reheating food in the microwave. The plastics used to make their products also meed FDA approval for temperatures found during microwaving and are dishwasher-safe.