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What’s the difference between Prosecco, Cava, California Sparklers and Champagne?

From our Sommelier, Ken Schroeder

There is no more celebratory holiday aperitif than a sparkling wine. The most popular ones are Prosecco, Cava, California Sparklers and Champagne. All of these wines are typically high in acid and lower in alcohol making them a perfect match for a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres and foods. Keep reading to learn about the differences between Prosecco, Cava, California Sparklers and Champagne.


Picking the right wine for your holiday dinner

From our Sommelier, Ken Schroeder

Successful wine selections for holiday meals are strongly influenced by what’s being served, how it’s prepared and your palate. There is no one classic meal served for the holiday feast but here are some common pairings. They range from celebratory sparklers and aromatic whites to powerful reds.

Read more to learn what we recommend with poultry, ham and beef meals.


Kurobuta Pork is the “Kobe beef of the pork world”

Berkshire, also known as Kurobuta, is prized as the best pork available worldwide. Due to heavily marbled fat, it is richer in flavor and more darkly colored than conventional white pork. It also retains moisture better, guaranteeing juicy, succulent, tender meat. In fact, the National Pork Producers Council held a taste test with 25 quality traits and Kurobuta ranked #1 for 19 of the traits.

We are offering Kurobuta hams from Snake River Farms this year for the holidays. Keep reading more


Edible homemade gift ideas

Edible homemade gifts are a “tasteful” idea for friends and family. We’ve put together some great recipes for cookies and drink mixes that can be gifted in a jar. Who can resist the gift of homemade goodies that can be enjoyed any time of the year?

Simply layer the dry ingredients for each mix into a clean glass jar, tie with a festive ribbon or bow, and include a personalized card with instructions for baking. All the recipient has to do more


Cans for Fans: Help end hunger this holiday season

In an effort to end hunger this holiday season, Mollie Stone’s will donate a can to the San Francisco & Marin Food Banks on behalf of each new Mollie Stone’s Facebook fan from December 2 – 23, 2011. Help us collect cans by sharing Cans for Fans with your Facebook friends!

All of us at Mollie Stone’s Markets are excited about Cans for Fans, our virtual can drive on Facebook. Keep reading to learn more about why this important issue is more

Gluten Free, Specialties

Recipe: Vegan Gravy

Yes, vegan gravy exists (and happens to be gluten-free, too)! This recipe is thickened with chia seeds, and builds savory flavor with nutritional yeast and miso. Try adding your favorite spices to complement your meal.

Watch the video below to pick up cooking tips and keep reading for the recipe.

Gluten Free, Specialties

Recipe: Against The Grain Gourmet Gluten-Free Dressing

Savor traditional flavors sans gluten! If you’re planning a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal this year, try this recipe for Gluten-Free Dressing from Against the Grain Gourmet.

The recipe is based on the amount of stuffing required for a 12-14 lb turkey and can be easily doubled or tripled for larger birds. Alternatively, bake the dressing separately in a greased pan.


Turducken 101

Turduckens are a great alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions to help you decide whether a Turducken is right for your holiday meal.

What is a Turducken?

Mollie Stone’s whole Turduckens consist of a semi-boneless turkey (wing and drumstick bones only) stuffed with a boneless duck, boneless chicken, cornbread dressing and Cajun-style pork sausage. (Expect a medium spice level that’s mild enough for all palates.) Whole Turduckens average 14 lbs and will feed 20-25 more


November 17, 2011 is Beaujolais Nouveau Day

Beaujolais Nouveau is a young red wine made from Gamay grapes grown in France’s Beaujolais region. The wine is bottled just 6 to 8 weeks after the grapes are harvested; the 2011 Georges Duboeuf harvest, for example, began on August 22 and concluded by September 15. Unlike most red wines that improve with age, Beaujolais Nouveau is all about freshness. Because it is fermented with carbonic maceration, it lacks the structure to age well and should be consumed within a more